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This fix will correct all problems caused by Law & Order but will only take effect if it is installed before the actual quest is accepted.

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This goes into your Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder. It will fix all bugs assuming you haven't accepted the quest yet, see Q&A for more info. Awakening Only.

This fix addresses the following issues:

1. Accepting Law & Order will only cause Mischa to despawn until you've killed all smuggler groups around town and reported back to Aidan.*

2. If you have both Smuggler's Run and Law & Order, engaging the smugglers in combat will prevent the bartender from allowing you to have the open the hatch dialogue this will:

a) Make sure the city guards do NOT hate you after the quest since you can no longer choose that dialogue option from the bartender.

b) Ensure you cannot lock yourself out of both quest chains.

3. Completing Law & Order will also add Rumbling From Beneath to the Merchant's Board.

*This fix uses the same code as i9h's but I have moved it to when the smugglers around town have been killed and turned in rather than when it ends. They do NOT work simultaneously, if you do you will break Rumbling From Beneath.

Q: Why do we need to install this before accepting the quest?

A: It's based off of dialogue so if you start doing sections of this quest without this fix installed you may have already seen the dialogue used to trigger this.

Q: Do you have an alternative solution for Sigrun's quest to those of us that have already accepted/completed Law & Order?

A: Yes! Use the original fix here, this will properly reset Mischa since it loads the script each time you enter Amaranthine.

Q: What about an alternative solution to your other fixes?

A: Yes! you will need zz_getsetplotflag from the debug menu in the toolset (I will attach it here too).

Once you've installed it you will need to type the following to trigger the Bartender fix:

runscript zz_getsetplotflag set coa000pt_smugglers 18 1

Rumbling From Beneath Fix:

runscript zz_getsetplotflag set coa100pt_board_cove_ds 0 1