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Appearance Shifter 1.3

Play as an Ogre, Revenant, Desire Demon, Lady of the Forest, or any number of other creature images.

NEW: New mod for Awakenings compliance. Eyeballs are now showing with new overrides.

A soul crystal appears in your inventory. Use it to change any character's appearance in the game to an in-game creature. Unlike normal shapeshifting, you keep all your equipment and skills. Only your appearance is changed.

WARNING: Changing follower's appearances will glitch on many forms. To use on a follower and to show eyeballs on the player, you must copy over the corresponding head morph override to the override folder. This will destroy the follower's head, but will allow the morph to proceed without glitching.

WARNING: You need to remove the override first to revert back to your original form.

Certain forms are bound to cause cutscene, skillset and animation glitches. Humanoid forms are the most compatible, but player races that are not your own become bald albinos. Skillsets seem to be linked to animations, so if the form chosen does not have the right animation, a skill may be disabled (often with dog, or dual wield skills on forms with preset weapons). Changing those animations often does not look right either though, so no great solution.


Use DAUpdater or DAModder or DAO Modmanager
Install the Awakenings version along side the original for Awakenings compliance.


Savegames save your morphed forms! So restore your original form on your characters before removing the mod.


No compatibility issues known.

Known Issues

- Most followers will glitch on changing their appearance due to permanent head morph applications on those characters. A messy workaround is included in the optional files, but at least it works. If you want to morph a follower, copy his or her "Follower Override" model into the override folder (see readme). This will remove the character's head morph, which would not look pretty if you don't then morph to another form.

- Most player races default to bald albino models. Trying to look for a way around this too.

- There are no eyeballs and no crust effects (auras) on the morphed forms. Bioware did not seem to include eyeballs in it's shapeshifting procedures...


1.2 - Half-hearted update. Added Awakenings workaround. Added a pride demon. That's it...

1.1 - Added a few more creature morphs.
- Changed combat and movement animations for some humanoids
- Added a way to override follower's head morphs so they can morph without glitching. Messy, but currently the only way to have humanoid shapeshifting work on followers.

1.0 - Initial release. Around 25 creatures, future versions may have more.

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