Dragon Age: Origins
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*** NOW - With Auto Loot Everything near me Skill *** A \"Simple\" Auto Loot Mod - If you have enough inventory space all items will be added without opening the loot gui.

Permissions and credits
Please Read - Custom Events on Containers:

"It doesn't detect looting the silver bars in the Crime Wave quest. You can loot the bars but it does not trigger the quest as complete. "

Well that problem here is that we can't determine if a custom script is attached to an object - and therefore i check for the IsPlot Flag and run the Default Event in those cases. (e.g. Wardend Cache and Morrigan Cutscene) - But some objects have custom events and no Plot flag set --> i got nothing i can check wheather i should loot it via my script or let the object event take over.

Discussion with a Bioware-Dev on that matter:

Only thing i can do atm is to manually exclude those containers via their Tag.
So plz anyone thats having trouble with something like that - check the Auto Loot ReadMe on how to Show Tags ingame (ShowTag= 1 in dragonage.ini) and provide that tag - and/or manually add it as an exclude.
Auto Highlight is your friend for this as well: http://www.damods.com/forums/index.php?topic=602.0



*** NOW - With Auto Loot Everything near me Skill ***

A "Simple" Auto Loot Mod - If you have enough inventory space all items will be added without opening the loot gui.

Version History:
* Really fixed the "Bodybag"-Targeting Problem now!
* Excluded some additional tags by default: Carta-Chests (Jammers, Piques, Kranky), Drifter Cache.
* Partially translated to German.

* Some "Bodybags" wern't targeted for looting when using the Skill.
* Some minor adjustments to the Looting Code.
* Excluded some additional tags by default: Lanya-Song Chest, Crime-Wave Silver Bars, Winterforge Anvil and Barrel

* Fixed a problem where some corpses weren't Auto Looted.
* Added custom Icons.

* Added some additional INI Settings: ExludeTags and MSG_TYPE Settings - refer to the ReadMe for details.

* Fixed the ominous "Brecilian Forest - Rare Ironbark" Bug.
* The Toogle Skill now works for the whole party.

* Fixed some issues with placeables that aren't containers.
* Implemented the talktable properly.
* Added INI-Settings - currently only to enable Debug-Output.
* Added Mod/DLC Ingame-Description.

* "Auto Loot Nearby Skill" fully functional:
The Script looks for all lootable containers within an arc of 20 "meters" and sends each party member specific goto and use commands,
if you happen to have a Rogue with you locked containers will be targeted as well - if not you will get a notice that there are locked containers in the vincinity.

* Beyond Feralden Chest excluded from Auto Loot.
Keep in mind that you are still able to disable the mod via the On/Off Toggle/Sustained Skill!

* Fixed some additional problems with some plot related triggers.

1.6 - BETA
* added Auto Loot Nearby Skill - Still Mostly untested though.
* added Basic-Skill Descriptions.

Known Issues: Ability Ignores all Placeables with Plot-Flags.

Standard-Loot Function mostly unchanged.

* Fixed Auto Loot for placeables with a plot flag but no specific script attached.

* Corrected Plot-Flag Check - All Plot-Related placeables should now trigger their default script again.

* Added item-count when looting - only tells the total number of items looted though.
* Added an ability to deactivate Auto Loot - in case you encounter any problems or you don't want to for any reason.

The ability itself has no Name, etc... seeing as the toolset talktable-ids apear to be wrong.
If anyone knows how to circumvent this - i'd love to know.

* Fixed some event handling issues - all non loot spezific USE-Events should work now (Codex, Shale-Puzzle, etc...)
* Excluded the Wardens Keep Chest and the Party-Chest from the Example Mod.

* Fixed spezial item actions on pickup (plot items etc... should trigger again)
* Added the Tutorial Plot Flag Trigger for the First Loot.

* Initial Release

Misc Stuff:

Event - Overrides (e.g. those in player_core):

Adding Strings for 2DA Usage:

Project on the social site:

Nick on the social site: AND04