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DAO (Dragon Age Origins) TLK (Talktable) Editor (DAOTlkEdit)
ver. 0.20, 2010-01-19

- DAO TLK Editing Tool
- Can handle multi-referenced string(s).
- Export (Tab Sep. or Line Sep. with/without dup.)
- Import (Tab Sep. or Line Sep.)
- Comparing tlk-files
- Checking categories of the strings and Filtering the strings.

- Require .NET Framework.

* Without command-line option, Program starts in UI Mode.

* Command-Line mode ---------------------------------------

Exitcode: 0 No-Error or Succeed. else, Error Occurred

Common options

- Option with 'Q', silent mode. doesn't display message box for error
- Option with 'X', always display message box showing exitcode
- Option with 'Z', logging off

DAOTlkEdit -m2tab from-multiline-txt to-tabbed-txt

- SDJ's tlkeditor Export TXT to "ID TAB STRING" TXT File

DAOTlkEdit -tab2m from-tabbed-txt to-multiline-txt

- Tab Sep. TXT File to SDJ's tlkeditor Export TXT

DAOTlkEdit -diff[m] a.txt b.txt

- Compare two txt file, and Extract diff strings To with same item(s) and order. plus
- Case option without 'm' (-diff), Tab Sep. txt file.
- Case option with 'm' (-diffm), Line Sep. txt file.

DAOTlkEdit -e[u][m][s] from-tlk-file [to-txt-file]

- Export string item(s)
- Option with 'u', extract without dup.
- Option with 'm', Line Sep. txt file.
- Option with 's', sorted by strref.
- Case omitted to-txt-file, saved to tlk-file.txt

DAOTlkEdit -i[S][R] tlk-file import-txt-file [save-tlk-file]

- Import string item(s)
- Import-txt-file can have wild chars. ex: "*.txt", "core*.txt", "import-0912\*.txt"
- Option with 'S', update a string value separately by strref
- Option without 'S', update directly the shared-string (multi-reference string value)
- Option with 'R', strings will be reconstructed, and the same strings be merged.
- Case omitted save-tlk-file, overwrite tlk-file

DAOTlkEdit -d source-files output-save-directory export-txt-file

- Remove & Export GFF3.2x embeded strings
- source-files. ex: "*.*", "mymodule\*.uti", "mymodule.erf"

* History -------------------------------------------------

ver. 0.20, 2010-01-19

- fixed. didn't found strref.
- added. GFF3.2x remove & export embeded string.
- added, Find All
- fixed, edit text didn't changed when undo current cell
- fixed, Find(F2) didn't do from start row. (v0.16 bug)
- deleted, empty.tlk

ver. 0.16, 2010-01-05

- fixed, replace infinite loop error
- fixed, some shortcut wasn't working before open main-menu.
- fixed, "Finding resource file" menu didn't find GFF3.2 Resource (uti,utc,utp,are)
- fixed, adding custom-resource files, other categories will be updated if necessary.
- added, support drag-and-drop file open
- added, find/replace up-direction
- added, "The Stone Prisoner" and "Warden's Keep" in category.xml
- improved, Filtering view is sorted by resource-file strref order. (Seq column order)
- change, sorting shared count column (S#) will be confirmed by user because of slow.

ver. 0.15, 2009-12-31

- fixed, error "Load Failed, Element Count mismatch file size"
- fixed, dlg's child node wasn't generated after filtering
- fixed, "Find Resource File" popup-menu - cast exception
- fixed, "load 2nd txt file" menu - cast exception
- added, category.xml support "uti, utc, utp, are"

ver. 0.13, 2009-12-27

- added, item/creature/placeable/area category in the right-tree
- added, manual category in the right-tree. used category.xml.
- added, edit menu "Individual Default ON"
- added, Creating New tlk-file and add/delete strrefs

ver. 0.12, 2009-12-21

- added, export each resource file to separate text file. (popup menu in the right tree)
new export text format: not change line format, and have little more info (conversation order by dlg).
the export-files with filtering info, retain id-order of each resource file.
- added, additional gda files in the right resource file tree.
- fixed, paste on the string column didn't convert newline format. (v011 fix was incomplete)
- fixed, export-file by filter wasn't sorted (by File menu - loading order)

ver. 0.11, 2009-12-20

- added, popup-menu "Finding resource file" for grid of TLK tab. activate "Finding resource file" with current strref value.
- added, command-line mode logging. without option "Z", tool log the progress-info to "DAOTlkEdit.log" file
- added, Import "-i[S][R]" has additional command-line option 'R' - "reconstruct strings"
- added, Import feature don't care file encoding. automatically figure out the encoding type (multi-byte, utf-8, unicode-le)
- fixed, when you import "-i" without save-tlk-file param, tool wasn't overwrite orginal tlk-file.
- changed, import feature support multi-files. Use wild chars "?*" in command-line mode.
- changed, export file is sorted by File-menu "Initial loading order". additional 's' option for command-line '-e' command

ver. 0.10, 2009-12-19

- added, limited undo feature (edit, replace, paste). At time "open/batch updates(ex: import)", undo history cleared.
- added, finding res-file's from TLK strref (in edit-menu)
- added, private custom files at the right tree-view (tree-view popup-menu)
- current tlk file's full-path diplayed in program title bar.
- fixed, when load 2nd tlk after load 2nd txt, label/width error of 6th column
- fixed, paste didn't updated the real data, updated only view.
- fixed, view mismatch with real data.
- two shortcut of import menus was swaped. Use carefully "import directly" feature.

ver. 0.09, 2009-12-18

- fixed, shared count display error. after saving, display updated value in offset column. (same offset is sharing)
- fixed, using 'change color of diff cells' menu, pre-color of cell remained. added some shortcut, F7/F8 (Tool-menu)
- changed some menu texts

ver. 0.08, 2009-12-16

- added settings, Custom DAO Path (can setup if not found by registry scan), initial loading order by strref or seq (check menu)
- added, Finding in the Dialog-Tree Tab
- added, Recently used File Listing and open that file
- added, UI text localizing file (strings.xml). ui texts by user language locale (2 letter)
- minor improved find/replace (erased defaut text as focused in find-input, F2: find from start, Ctrl+R: focus at replace-input)
- minor change, position of speaker/listener to line's front in dialog-tree tab, 2nd tlk view height re-sizable
- added new menus, save and exit

- fixed, "-tab2m" command-line option error
- fixed, just after saving, editing malfuntion (because editor used changed pre-offset)

ver. 0.07, 2009-12-15

- fixed, Registry key reading Error in 64bit machine.

ver. 0.06, 2009-12-14

- added, non-conversation tree categories. for names/descriptions/message/tip/journals ...
gda files: various matrix infos of the game. this tool use only the tlkstring references of names, comments, tips, descriptions ...
plo files: plot, journals, books, notes, quests, etcs. also, used only tlk-refs.
- added, filtering tlkstring view. from level-0(core/single) to level-2 (dlg/gda/plo file)
use popup-menu in the right tree-view. also, exports by filter can be done in this range.
- added, export file-type including category-infos. used only in export popup-menu of the right tree-view.
imports support that file-type.

- fixed, some exceptions (directory not found, null reference)
- fixed, refid pattern recognition of line-sep txt file. ({number} \\ comments)
- fixed, added converting Tab chars in string part of tab-sep file
: converted Tab to(export)/from(import) '\t' chars.

ver. 0.05, 2009-12-12

- Added, some ui. dlg files tree-view, second tlk string view (readonly for reference)
- Added, Dialog-Tree view by each dlg(conversation) file
- Added, Export (filter by a dlg file)

ver. 0.04, 2009-12-10

- Added, Replace feature
- Added, export to a xml file, import from a xml file
- Added, command-line option "-i[S]"
- Improved import, how each ref mapped to a string and handling for multi-reference string value

ver. 0.03, 2009-12-08

- Added tlk comparing feature
- Added Individual Checkbox, store or update a individual string separately for each multi-reference strings.
- Used WaitCursor for long processing.
- [Delete RefId on string start] menu, will delete starting chars with "ID Form", even if that was not matched with StrRef
- command-line option -diff, in addition, extract only one side item(s) of the two files
- Support 'String' column copy and paste
- fixed, copy and paste. support newline format changing (like import/export)

ver. 0.01, 2009-12-07

- alpha, first release