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Dragon Age Origins faster combat, inspired by Dragon Age 2. Also added another file that allows faster run speed for all NPC & PC by 20%, in and out of combat.

Permissions and credits
Sample videos now uploaded. Shows 3 versions. 1) original unmodded 2) faster_combat (version 1) 3) faster_combat_v2 (version 2). Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't know if there are mods that increase combat speed. I was inspired after playing DA2. Unfortunately, the only cool thing about DA2 is the combat, and thus I have come back to DA:O.

Permissions: Since I'm very busy in real life, any modder feel free to alter this and redistribute as you like. This is a very simple .GDA alteration to the file Itemstats.Gda. If you are a modder, you should know where to find this and how to alter.

..:: Dragon Age Origins: Faster Combat ::..

This mod attempts to speed up all weapon speed to make combat feel natural. The old style DA:O combat has very slooow animation, and after playing DA2, I felt this needed a quick change. The only thing I can not change is the mage staff auto attack -- for some reason, the game refuses to alter the attack speed regardless how I change the delay value.

...::: Versions :::...
Faster_Combat - This version makes the game feel "natural" and fluid. Very minor weapon stat changes.

Faster_Combat_v2 - This increases combat speed even more. The action is faster, some might like this version more.

Faster_Combat_v3 - Combat speed is the same as v2, however, archery effectiveness is highly increased for both NPC & PC. Bows will now do equivalent to a 2 handed weapon damage. If you use this version, remember -- NPC archers will also hit harder.

Faster_Runspeed - This mod increases the base run speed of every NPC & PC by 20%. This effect works in and out of combat. apr_base is modified and added as an extension m2da.

To use faster combat, pick ONLY ONE version. To have faster run speed, download faster_runspeed separately and put into the override folder.

...::: What this mod does :::...

- Makes DA:O combat feel more natural. Attacks are faster.
- When you get jumped by 3 darkspawn rogues, becareful because they attack faster.
- When there are archers sniping at you, you can not ignore them anymore because they shoot faster.
- Archer's damage are brought in-line with melee countparts. An archer with Rapid Shot activated will wreck havoc like they should.
- Combat should feel fun. Old style combat feels like you're running through sand - very slow and clunky.
- When you get a weapon other than greatsword or longsword, you should look at their 1) crit 2) armor pen 3) base damage etc... Some weapons such as mace and hand axe could be good weapons.
- Wearing a shield now means something. Defense is increased to make wearing a shield "meaningful". This goes for NPC as well. NPC using a shield might be harder to take down.
- Overall, this very small mod should increase your enjoyment with DA:O and other adventure mods on this site.
- Increases strategy play -- If a PC or NPC is knockdown/disoriented/staggered/stunned, they will suffer significantly more damage because everyone attacks faster. Think of this as DA:O's cross class combo =P This also means PC should make use of skills that resist knockdown, stuns, etc...
- Arcane warriors should rejoice! Your auto attack combat will be faster and feel alot more fun.
- If you install faster runspeed, you will have the total package of a "face paced" combat system in DA:O.

...::: Detailed changes below :::...
(This applies to PC and NPCs)

Normal game melee attack animation per Wiki without speed increases:
Sword & Shield -- 2s
2 handed -- 2.5s
Dual Wield -- 1.5s
Mage Staff -- 1.4s ~ 1.7s

This mod changes the melee attack speed animation to (version 1):
Sword & Shield -- 1.3s
2 handed -- 1.7s
Dual Wield -- .8s to 1s (average of the 2 weapon speed you're using)
Mage Staff -- 1.4s ~ 1.7s (i can't change this no matter how i try)

(version 2):
Sword & Shield -- 1.1s
2 handed -- 1.5s
Dual Wield -- .7s to .9s (average of the 2 weapon speed you're using)
Mage Staff -- 1.4s ~ 1.7s (i can't change this no matter how i try)

Shield defense (both versions)
- Increased significantly to provide realistic protection. This change is also because I don't want players to feel cheated for using a sword & shield, by not doing as much damage if they had used DW or 2H. Also, this gives players a real reason to use a shield -- lets face it, a shield is suppose to provide significant increase in defense (unlike the original game that gave 4 defense for a tower shield.)
Small round shield -- 4 defense
Large round shield -- 8 defense
Kite shield -- 12 defense
Tower shield -- 16 defense

Weapon Tweeks
- I made small changes to weapons such as maul, axes, etc... to make them more attractive. Weapons have their base stats modified. When you get a weapon, make sure to check out their stats. Some of the base stats make weapons equally powerful, but in different ways. Some have a little bit more crit, some have better armor penetration, etc..
- General assumptions: Axes will have medium armor penetration and crit, but okay damage. Mace will have highest armor penetration, low crit, but okay damage. Swords still have highest damage, but lower crit and armor penetration.
- General assumptions on bows: Shortbows are the fastest with with moderate crit and low armor pen & damage. Xbows are the slowest with highest crit and armor pen and damage. Longbows have low crit, moderate armor pen, and moderate damage, but it's speed is faster than xbow.

...::: What this mod does not do :::...

- This mod does not add "cool" combat animation like DA2, for obvious reasons.
- This mod does not speed up special combat abilities such as mighty blow, flurry, pinning shot, etc... because these special abilities already do more damage and/or add effects like knowdown, reduce armor, root, etc... Making these abilities attack faster will break the game.
- Spells do not cast faster. Again, spells are already overpowered, so increasing this would break the game.
- For some reason, mage staff DOES NOT attack faster no matter how I change the delay value. Does anyone know why or how to change this?

...::: Files Altered :::...

Itemstats.GDA is altered.

IF YOU USE A MOD THAT ALTERS THAT FILE, this will not work, or this file will overwrite the other. My file is a M2DA, so it will work with default game and any other game that does not alter that file. My file is simply AN EXTENSION to the original file, and it does not over write the original.

...::: Install :::...

1. Download the file Faster_Combat file -- pick your version. If you wish to have faster run speed to enhance the faster paced combat, you also need to download Faster_Runspeed file.

2. Unzip the file(s) (.rar format)

3. Put the file(s) in your Dragon Age OVERRIDE folder. Default location should be at: Document/Bioware/Dragon Age/Package/Core/Override

Play the game.

To uninstall, simply remove the file(s) from your override folder. Easy!

DISCLAIMER 2 : I HOLD NO RESPONSIBILITY if i break your game. As always, mods come with risk.