Dalish Mage Dialogue Fix by Smooshmonster
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Added: 04/04/2011 - 09:39PM
Updated: 01/05/2011 - 11:07AM

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Last updated at 11:07, 1 May 2011 Uploaded at 21:39, 4 Apr 2011

I apologise for not extending the mod to work for Awakening. I have been planning to do this for a long time, but due to time issues I have ended up abandoning my playthrough. I still intend to do this at some point.

To Install
Unzip the folder and copy it into your "BioWare/Dragon Age/packages/core/override/"

If you have any other mods that change the dialogues of Wynne, Greagoir, Cullen or Jowan, these mods might not work. Be sure to delete the previous conversation files for these characters from your override folder.

Added v1.4
Phylactery now recognises you as a mage
Alistair no longer mistakenly thinks Jowan is your friend
Fixed the previously unchanged dialogue with the Tranquil in Ostagar
(Thanks to captainwolfos and flixster for pointing out these bugs)

Added: v1.3
Another small fix in Greagoir's dialogue

(thanks to salshazar for pointing it out).

Added: v1.1
Removed the Harrowing Line after the Joining.
Fixed a dialogue option with Alarith that should work for mages.



Greagoir no longer recongises an apostate and circle mage lines no longer show up with Greagoir.

Wynne no longer recognises an apostate and circle mage conversations won't show up at party camp.

The crazy mage no longer recognises you.

Kinnon no longer recognises you.

Owain no longer recognises you.

You no longer know what the rite of annulment is, not being a circle mage.

Uldred doesn't recognise you but you still have the option to tell him you're not so different if you're a blood mage.

Irving no longer recognises you.

Cullen isn't madly in love with you and doesn't think you're an apparition.
Fixed Niall recognising you.



Aneirin mentioning you might be the right mage to fix the circle, figured it had nothing to do with being a circle mage. This is intentional.

You can still threaten people with being a mage.

You can still mention the harrowing after the joining. I know it's a cirlce mage thing but if you feel it doesn't fit, don't choose it.

Kester: Judging from the other dialogue fix on dragonnexus, I'm not the only one who couldn't edit Kester.



I played through once but I might have missed something. If anything comes up in your playthrough, please mention it to me.