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Modifies existing ability, potion, trap, grenade and inspiration bonus tooltips to give more detailed information about what various effects are.

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Name: Detailed Tooltips
Version: 1.6
Tested for DA:O Version: 1.02
Date: 12/9/2009
Author: Bibdy

Modifies existing ability, potion, trap, grenade and inspiration bonus tooltips to give more detailed information about what various effects are.

Modified entries in the core_en-us.tlk file for ability tooltips to display more detailed information, derived straight from the game's scripting. Information such as base damage and scaling factors, effect durations, attack/defense buffs/penalties etc. will be shown in ability tooltips.

Note: Some abilities will use 'SP' to denote Spellpower (equal to your magic attribute -10). The general format will be _base_damage_ + _scaling_factor_*SP, e.g. Cone of Cold deals 34 + 0.34*SP cold damage, meaning 34 base damage plus 34% of your spellpower attribute.

Difficulty levels affect abilities in certain ways, such as CC (crowd control) effects lasting a shorter duration, damage being reduced, healing reduced and such forth. These tooltip descriptions do NOT reflect these effects.

There may also be typos, or places where I just read the script code horribly wrong and made a mistake. Feel free to contact me with a description of the problem and I'll look into it.

Simply copy the core_en-us.tlk file to your override directory. This can be found in various places (depending on your OS, although I think there are multiple places you can put the file and it will still work):

My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\

Delete the core_en-us.tlk file you placed in the override folder.

This mod should be fully compatible with the base game, but may not be compatible with future patches if Bioware chooses to extend the core_en-us.tlk file.

It will also be incompatible with other mods which directly alter the core_en-us.tlk file.

It is 'compatible' with other languages, if you change the name of the file to the same language you use (e.g. core_fr.tlk). Look in the \packages\core\data\talktables folder for the correct file name (DO NOT OVERWRITE THAT FILE!). HOWEVER, this will overwrite much of the core game text with English, such as the main menu. So, be prepared for a language clusterfuck.

Known Issues or Bugs

To-Do List
- I completely missed the 'Dread Howl' ability for Dog when scanning through all 69,000 entries TWICE, so this tooltip remains the same.
- The Shapeshifter spells and form ability tooltips remain unchanged.
- Still need to modify tooltips for poisons. Haven't got any accurate information on how they operate, yet.
- Move combo tooltips to the combo codex entries, so not to spoil things...if I can find them.
- Give more info in tooltips for 'increases monetary/experience gains/blood magic'.

Want to help?
- I need to find detailed information on how poisons operate, and its quite a chore. Georg Zoeller helped point in the right direction here: http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/9/index/357780/4#390181, but I haven't had a chance to look into it, yet.
- I can modify the tooltips for Shale's abilities and the special abilities you get in the Warden's Keep DLC, but I can't get at the code to see exactly what they do. This could be a dead-end at the moment, unless someone does an absolutely absurd amount of testing on them.

v1.6 (12/9/2009)
- Moved Storm of the Century and Shockwave detailed tooltips to the appropriate spell combo codex entries (haven't found the rest in the talktable yet, be patient).
- Added all poisons!
- Gave my 'best guess' for the damage of the Crushing Prison damage reduction in the 1.02 patch (they said 'about 15% reduction', to counteract the much shorter duration)

v1.5 (12/8/2009)
- Added changes for 1.02 patch (8s Cone of Cold duration on freeze/snare, 4s Blizzard freeze, 9s Crushing Prison duration and 18s Force Field duration).
- Added grenade/flask damage (except Acid Flask...missing the reference for that at the moment, but it does a flat 80 damage like the rest of them)
- Moved Improved Drain tooltip to the Spell Combo's codex entry (still need to find the others...)

v1.41 (12/6/2009
- Fixed a typo in the Haste tooltip: -3.0 mana regen penalty, not -10.0.

v1.4 (12/3/2009
- Cleaned up tooltips of Weapon & Shield abilities - less of a clusterfuck of info.
- Consistency in missile deflection (and removed %'s)
- Added cost reduction to Blood Magic
- Fixed Dog's abilities to follow the same format from 1.3.
- Added tooltip info for all potions (health, lyrium, injury kits, resistance potions, weak resistance pots/crafting mats etc.)
- Added tooltip info for all traps (Choking powder, Sleeping gas, Lures, Caltrops, Claw, Grease, Explosive and Shrapnel)
- Added tooltip info to inspiration bonuses (+1/2/4/6 to stat)

v1.3 (12/3/2009)
- Fixed a few typos here and there.
- Added 'friendly fire possible' to Storm of the Century tooltips on Blizzard and Tempest.
- Added Storm of the Century description to Spell Might.
- Added 'up to XX physical damage' to Walking and Virulent Living Bomb spells.
- Fixed Entropic Death SP coefficient from 0.2 to 2.0.
- Specified that Wynne only receives Spellpower and Mana regen for as long as her special is active.
- Added details for Dual-Striking and Dual-Weapon Expert.

v1.2 (12/2/2009)
- Normalized most tooltips into a standard format for spellpower calculations.
- Added descriptions for spell combinations in the tooltips of relevant spells.
- Fixed tooltips for Shattering Blows and Destroyer only proccing on critical hits (thanks jivebeaver)
- Removed '%' from mental and physical resistances (thanks Matthew Young CT)
- Fixed tooltips for various spells like Spell Shield, Chain Lightning as well as more detailed info (thanks Toro Nero and Matthew Young CT)

v1.1 (12/2/2009)
- Added Rogue and Mage talents (were already done, but somehow omitted...).
- Fixed Holy Smite, Perfect Striking, Summon Wolf, Spell Shield, Master Archer

v1.0 (12/1/2009)
- Initial release.

[email protected] or I'm usually roaming around this site.

Credit to Bioware for being totally awesome.

Please do not upload this mod to any websites without my permission. Contact me and I'll be glad to give you permission.