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These files will show the lovemaking scene every time, instead of only once.
Morrigan is a special case, see below.

NOTE: This DOES NOT automagically give you the option to have sex with these NPC's. It's still up to you to romance them enough so they're willing to go to bed with you. What this does is change the "quickie kiss" movie you get after bedding them for the first time to the sex scene movies.

These files are for Alistair, Morrigan, Leliana, and Zevran with a HUMAN player character.

Extract the files to My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

Leliana: Selecting "Let's go to bed" will show lovemaking movie every time.
Alistair: Selecting "Let's go to sleep" will show lovemaking movie every time.
Morrigan: Selecting "(Kiss her)" will show lovemaking movie every time.
Zevran: Selecting "Care to join me in my tent?" -same

Since Alistair and Morrigan only romance opposite-sex, the movies are the same if
you're using the gender mod/cheat to romance them as a female. They look fine.
The Leliana files include both male and female movies.