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Save time dealing with the unwanted items without traveling to town or camp. And now with v2, you can also enhance (super-power) items in bulk.

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The main purpose of this mod is to save time dealing with the unwanted items without traveling to town or camp. And more-so to overcome the painfully redundant drag-n-drop actions when dropping junk in the field to make room for better loot. And now with version 2, you can also save time enhancing (or super-powering) your items in bulk.

The 'Utility Sack' started as an improvement on my 'Bag of Junk Disposal' mod, and it just exploded from there. It has a vastly improved item disposal system accessed and managed through a dialogue (menu). An item enhancement system that applies as many changes to as many items as you like all at once with settings managed and saved in a similar fashion. I included field access to the enchantment window, as well as the ability to change your party's character names. And a huge cheat menu that is filled with money, vanilla items, stats and a variety of my Broken Tokens (see below) to be had whenever you wish. All of the sack's functions are accessed from a dialogue (menu) with in-game access to all options and configurations (no more ini configuration).

This mod can be used or abused as much or as little as you like. You don't have to use the cheats if you don't want to, and you can even refuse the money for items you dump. I had hoped to give you as many options as I could to configure the tool to your needs... what I settled on is still deeper than I had ever planned.

2-11-2011 MINOR UPDATE - see the NOTICES section at the bottom for details
2-25-2011 NEW VERSION (v2):
- new feature - bulk item enhancement
- new feature - add level to characters
- new feature - character renaming
- revision - changed the 'sack' from an item to a skill for better efficiency & inventory space
- revision - level and stat bonuses are assigned to the controlled character rather than by number

- The sack sorts through your backpack for items that meet your filtering options, and disposes of them for money (or not).
- The default SAFE MODE now puts the items it finds into the Trash Bin before dumping, so you can sort through the results and remove any/all items you wish to keep... or add any that were missed by the filters.
- You can open the Trash Bin directly and add only what you wish to dump. It's still cumbersome, but better than the normal 'destroy item' process, plus you can get paid.
- I have also included a 'Dispose All' process that ignores all rules and just dumps every valid item (use with caution).
- Items with 0 base value (except ammunition) are ignored to keep from deleting the sack and most other mod-triggering items I've seen. You can however drag them into the Trash Bin, so don't, and if you do, at least the Sack will regenerate next time the module is loaded.
- All filtering options are retained when saved (plot flags), and there is an option to restore the defaults.
- Item types to be processed are now toggled on/off through the menu and include almost everything.
- Filtering is done by # of properties, material tier level, monetary value or any combination of the three.
- Items can be require to match ANY or ALL of the filters you choose to enable.
- Items are only judged by the filters that apply to them... 'property' applies to weapons, armor, robes and accessories... 'tier' applies to weapons and armor (or anything that was assigned a tier) and 'monetary' applies to all items.
- Filtering levels for each type are selected from the menu.
- Purchase rate is configurable in the menu (25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and yes... 200%)
- And for the purists, a separate option to dump items without compensation (which overrides the purchase rate).

TIP - I designed the menu structure for speed. After opening the sack clicking the 1 key twice will run the standard disposal process. From anywhere in the disposal menu, clicking the 1 key repeatedly will back all the way out and run the standard process. You can thank the redundant testing process for enlightening me on this one. See below for more key combinations.

- Add as many properties to as many items as you wish, all at the same time (up to 31 properties available).
- Most properties allow choosing power level (+pts: 2,5,10,20,100) (+%: 10,25,50,100,1000)
- Yes, I actually included options for +100pts and +1000%... but all bonuses are subject to the game's limits, unless you create or use a mod that removes the limits.
- Clear old properties... this is important because new properties will not replace old properties of the same kind.
- Remove stat and character specific requirements.
- Change material tier level (3-7). (some custom items may not respond)
- Place the items you wish to enhance in the Item Enhancer (similar to Trash Bin) and click 'Close' to make all selected changes to all items.
- You may also run your rules on your controlled character's equipped items (all equipped items, so be careful).
- I included a few fast processes for common tasks, as well as one for maxing out all properties.
- Set rules for processing, which are saved as plot flags and reused or updated as you wish.

NOTE: adding bonus properties doesn't add value to the item, so an enhanced item (no matter how powerful) may get filtered by the trash bin if it's original value meets your disposal rules.

Nothing here affects your game unless you want it to.
Add money to your party, 20 gold at a time.
Add a level or skill/talent/attribute points directly to the controlled party member (no books needed).
'Item Packs' with most/all varieties of many item types (potions, books, manuals, crafting supplies, runes, gifts and more).
'Grab Bags' will drop 5 random items of the chosen type in your inventory (armor, robes, weapons and accessories).
All cheat items come from the DAO 'vanilla' source file (designeritems.erf)... nothing snazzy, but it may include some of those 'do not use' models. If anyone should find any of these items, please post a comment with the name of the item in question.
'Broken Tokens'... when money, power and glory aren't enough. 'Kill 'em All', 'Steal 'em All', 'Strip 'em All' and more... you get the idea.

Just what it is, but accessed from anywhere, no need for the camp enchanter. This was surprisingly simple, and didn't even require script, it's a generic process available to the dialogue... anyways, why not?

Just a simple interface for changing the controlled character's name.


2 people have now confirmed that it does not work in Awakening. With DA2 coming out soon, I will probably not have time to make the sack work with Awakening... sorry, but I'm excited about being on the fore-front of the DA2 modding, I started DAO so late that very few people benefitted from this mod. I do plan to convert/continue this mod in DA2 (as much as possible).

Unfortunately this mod is not friendly with some mods that remove your equipped helmets, armor, items.. etc when out of combat (or any other time). This is not a bug, it is a timing issue. They get filtered like any other item, even if they show up on the character right before you process the disposal. I have tested it (briefly) with 'Helm Removal' by 'Dan_upright' as well as 'No Helmet Hack 1_6' & 'No Armor Hack 1_2' by 'yonline2'. 'No Helmet Hack 1_6' appears to be safe. However, 'Helm Removal' definitely isn't safe, and 'No Armor Hack 1_2' isn't 100% safe... so I still recommend not using any armor removal mod without extensive testing before you proceed, and only after a save.

The file is a DAZip file that installs like any other DAZip. I use DAO-modmanager, so it's just drag-n-drop, but any mod manager should work. You can also install it using the stock Content Updater by double-clicking on the file. The sack will be dropped into your inventory upon loading. The items it gives will be dropped in your inventory when you open it and ask for them.

- When processing a large number of items, it may take a few seconds, during which time you will see the temporary Trash Bin (chest)... do not click on it, just wait for it to finish processing. This is not an error, just a fact.
- Sometimes it doesn't throw the finishing message, but it still processed correctly if it notifies you about the money. This is not important enough to fix.
- Sometimes it sells something that wasn't there, even if the trash bin is empty. This could be a testing issue, maybe something in one of my save files, maybe it's an empty array scripting issue... I haven't seen it often enough to narrow it down yet. I'd like to fix this one, and would appreciate any help determining when it happens.

* unless otherwise noted, the combos will all be from the root (after opening the dialogue window)
* disposal processes using SAFE MODE will also require closing the bin by mouse or the Escape key (add to the end of the combinations)

1-1 Standard Disposal
1-1-1... Standard Disposal (from anywhere in the disposal menu, clicking the 1 key repeatedly will back out and run the standard process
1-2 Open the Trash Bin
3-2 Add 20 Gold
3-3-5-1 add 5 of ea skill/talent/attribute points to party member in slot #1 (change last key to 2-4 for other members)
3-6-2 Sample 'em All - 5 of each Broken Token
3-4-5 5 of each Grandmaster Rune
3-5-2 weapon grab bag (5 random weapons)
3-5-6 accessories grab bag (5 random amulets, belts and/or rings)
3-4-6-6-2 for the dog lovers... every collar & warpaint, plus some food and treats
1-4-5-6-1-1-1 change purchase rate to 200% and then run standard disposal
* There are many more possible, but these examples should give you the idea.

Despite the fact that the original file had Broken Tokens that only revealed vanilla body models, I decided to alter and remove those that removed armor from anyone from the version posted here. It is not necessary to replace your old version with this one, it is just a precaution for downloads from this point on. I have created and 'Adult-Only' post called 'Utility Sack AO Content' (URL below). There, I have posted an override file that enables the AO content in this version of the mod. I also moved the original version over there to keep it available.

If you are old enough, you can download the override or the original version at: