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a new bug fixpack into the foray

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Since the last update, it has become clear to me that devoting time to this project has become more and more difficult for me. As a result, I am discontinuing work on this project for the time being. However, I do not want to let all the work done go to waste, nor do I want to deprive the Dragon Age community a chance to fix and improve this game even more. Long story short, I am pleased to announce that over the next few weeks, I will properly document and release all the working/source files I have used in the fixpack, so that members of the modding community may use them as they please. All I ask in return is that you give credit to those who I credit for my mod.

Have fun, and good luck.

Just Another Fixpack v2.6

passive abilities moved to tweaks

I plan on making a bug fixpack. I will only be dealing with gameplay bugs not plot bugs for now. This is a inital set of fixes that I am releasing. I am a relative freshman when it comes to scripting, so please let me know if the fixes does not work, so that I can look into it immediately. Once each set of fixes have been verified, the next set will be released.
Comments and suggestions, negative or positive, are always welcome.

Use: extract the "Just Another FixPack" folder into your override folder.

General fixes:

1. Many of the talents and spell were suppose to generate threat upon impact towards its caster, but didnt do that due to coding errors. From now on, spell will generate impact threat, which means that enemies will switch to attacking mages more often. Talents have been fixed.

2. The Spell Anti-Magic Ward (AMW) was suppose to block all spell effects, primary and secondary. However, due to a base coding bug, the spell does not block any secondary effects. For example, if you cast a Cone of Cold on a target with AMW, the target will not take any damage, but will get frozen in place. Now, AMW will block all secondary spell effects. A big thanks goes out to WRFan on dragon age wiki who figured out the problem and suggested a solution.


- Fix for enemy wolves' Howl ability for not correctly applying the -5 defense penalty.

- Fixed a bug in the damage calculation's rank adjustment.

- Haste now correctly apply a -0.2s aim duration bonus.

- Weapons and Poison coatings dont stack anymore.

- Swift Salve now correctly apply an aim duration bonus of -0.1s.

- "Increases hostility and intimidation" (1517) now works.
- "Reduces hostility" (1519) now works.
- Crow Poison/Concentrated Crow Poison now apply stun effect as intended.

- Crossbows now get bonus damage from strength and dexterity, like longbows and shortbows.

- Crossbow equip requirement changed from strength to dexterity.

- Chevalier armor set now gets proper willpower and constitution bonus.

- Haste now has proper mana regeneration penalty.

- Stonefist now deals nature damage instead of physical damage (only spell in nature tree that didnt).
- Blood Control now deals damage only if the target resists control.
- Curse of Morality now properly prevents health regeneration in target during combat.
- Force Field now clears all threat from the target under its effect. Also, targets with Anti-Magic Ward (AMW) are now immune to Force Field.
- AMW now blocks secondary effects from the Paralysis Explosion spell combination. (pt1)
- Spells now generate impact threat.

- AMW now blocks secondary effects from Blizzard.

- Glyph of Repulsion now properly affect wolfs and blightwolfs.
- AMW now blocks secondary effects from Earthquake.
- AMW now blocks secondary effects from the Paralysis Explosion spell combination. (pt2)
- AMW now blocks secondary effects from Tempest.
- AMW now blocks secondary effects from Storm of the Century spell combination.

- Mana Cleanse now removes mana from enemy spellcasters. Before, it was replenishing their mana.
- Spells that affect enemies now generate impact threat.

- AMW now blocks secondary effects from Shock and Cone of Cold.
- Spells now generate impact threat.
- Cone of cold gets proper resistance check like other elemental spells.

- Force Field, AMW or Glyph of Neurtralization now block health replenishment in caster.
- Spell now generate impact threat.

- Spell now generate impact threat.

- Stinging Swarm now generate impact threat.

- AMW now blocks secondary effects of Grease.

- Threaten now get a bonus if caster has Frightening Appearance.
- Fix for characters with melee weapons generating +5 more threat on appearance.
- Bugfix for hated enemy threat.

- Removed rank adjustment in the code. Rank adjustment now handled in spells/talents only.

- Mighty Blow Should apply a slow effect if target fail a physical resistance check against attacker's strength, like the talent description suggest. 20% slow for 5 sec.
- Talents now generate impact threat.

- Talents now generate impact threat.
- Fix for rally breaking stealth.

- Talents now generate impact threat.

- Buffs are now resupplied on ressurected characters.

- Main character now gets 3.0% base critical chance.
- "% healing effects" now works properly.
- Party members added through party-picker now get buffs applied to them and itemsets recalculated.

- Magebane/Soldier bane now drain mana/stamina instead of adding.
- "Increases hostility and intimidation" item property now works.

- Removed attribute modifier check from resistance calculation to avoid Spellpower-10 bug.

- Trap making skill level 2 & 4 now gives a bonus to trap detection radius.

- Combat magic now uses spellpower for attack calculation.
- Fixed bug where spellpower was applied a -10 modifier.
- Bug fix for vanilla bug where multiple attack speed increase effects would reset to normal.

- (Wardens's Peak DLC) Removed persistent status icon from Bloody Grasp.

- Fixed Shattering Blows so now it properly applies damage bonus.
- Shield Wall now reduces damage dealt by 20%.
- Stunning Blows activates only on critical hits. New hits refresh penalty.
- Destroyer now activates on every hit. New hits refresh penalty.
- Lacerate now only works on targets that bleed.
- Rogues with Coup De Grace talent now get shatter check with backstabs. Also, attacking out of stealth results in critical hit.

- Possible fix for Dual Weapon Expert self inflicting DOT (The Tainted Blade,Blood Thirst,Aura of Pain).
- Modals Blood Magic and Berserk wont disable out of combat.

- Misdirection Hex now converts backstabs to hits instead of misses.
- Standardizes Always critcals/Non-critical abilities/situations.

- Champion spec gets 1 to defence instead of uselessly to cunning.
- Templar spec gets 2 to willpower instead of magic.

- equipped with orlesian bow, par vollen willstone, ring of ages, seal of the rat red, dwarven smith's belt non droppable.

(More Tactics Slots)
- increases tactics slots gained per level to a max of 20 at lvl 35.

- now gets dwarven resistance.

Dennis Lee (denl)