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About this mod

A very clean and safe modification that will add a couple of new talents to the game that allow to change character values and attributes from within the game.

Permissions and credits
Fully 100% compatible with the new specializations,
talents and skills found in Awakening.

Title: Dragon Age Beguiler
Goal: Allows you to change the game from within
Author: TheMutator
Date: 11.05.2010
Version: 004

Full Awakening support. The following features have been updated:

SPEC all: train all specialization classes
SPEC none: untrain all specialization classes
CLASS *: untrain all specializations and gain the points
SKILL *: untrain all skills and gain the points
TAL *: untain all talents and gain the points

This means you are now able to fully respec your awakening characters and you can unlock the new specializations.

R1: Enable Beguiler talents in the game
After you have installed the mod, you'll see new talents in the game on your character and your companions. At first there are only four talents visible. ON, OFF, HIDE, SHOW:

ON: Enable and show all 40 beguiler talents (buy and use this one)
OFF: Disable the beguiler, hide all talents and gain the talent point back you invested
HIDE: Hide all beguiler talents in the GUI and level up screen but keep everything enabled
SHOW: Show all beguiler talents again to change your hotbar or use one of them

There are 36 talents in the game that allow you to change virtually everything about your character or your companions directly in the game without editing savegames or something like that. Here is a short explaination for each one:

XP +: add 2000 xp
XP next: add enough XP to reach the next level
SPEC all: train all specialization classes
SPEC none: untrain all specialization classes

CLASS +: add a specialization point
CLASS -: remove a specialization point
CLASS 0: remove all specialization points
CLASS *: untrain all specializations and gain the points

ATTR +: add three attribute points
ATTR -: remove three attribute points
ATTR 0: add all attribute points
ATTR *: untrain all attributes and gain the points

SKILL +: add one skill point
SKILL -: remove one skill point
SKILL 0: remove all skill points
SKILL *: untrain all skills and gain the points

TAL +: add one talent point
TAL -: remove one talent point
TAL 0: remove all talent points
TAL *: untain all talents and gain the points

LOVE +: increase approval by 10
LOVE -: decrease approvel by 10
LOVE <: minimize approval
LOVE >: maximize approval

INV +: increase storage by 5
INV -: decrease storage by 5
INV <: minimize storage
INV >: maximize storage

TAC +: increase tactics by 5
TAC -: decrease tactics by 5
TAC <: minimize tactics
TAC >: maximize tactics

GOLD +: increase gold by 10
GOLD -: decrease gold by 10
GOLD <: minimize gold
GOLD >: maximize gold

Risk Levels
There are a quite a few modifications out there and some of them are outright dangerous but you won't know that until it's too late. I think transparency is important and people should always know what potential risks they submit themselves to. Therefore I will label all my mods with a risk rating from R0 to R3.

R0: Very safe. The mod might work, not work or only work partially due to conflicts with other mods but all changes are non-permanent and won't affect your savegames or your campaign. Once uninstalled it will be as it would have never existed.

R1: Safe. The mod might override some core files of the game but the changes are non-permanent and safe by themselves. However, if other mods use or change the same core files, then you might experience conflicts with unforeseen consequences. If you use no mods outside this pack here, then it won't be a problem.

R2: Use with caution. These mods might have permanent effects on your savegames or even your whole campaign. Another reason for R2 might be a high complexity or multiple overrides of various core files and therefore a realistic chance for bugs.

R3: Use at your own risk. Mods with known errors or a high probability of bugs. Incompatibility with other mods almost certain and might cause severe troubles with your game, even lasting ones.

Simple enough. Run the installer again and it will allow you to remove the installed mods.