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I\'m game! New faces for Zevran, Sten, Leliana and Wynne.

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Hey there, everyone!

This is my first upload to the NEXUS-Community. I already appreciated a lot of the mods in here and thought I should upload my attempts at 'doing something', too ;)

So, as maaany others also already did, I present you my face-morphs for Zevran, Sten, Leliana and Wynne. This is the way that 'I' imagine them to be.

=== === === === ===

Well,... where do I begin...

Zevran: He is my favorite character in the game :) On my first playthrough I instantly killed him because of his looks ingame... on my second playthrough I let him join the party and fell in love ;) ... more or less... I despite his original blonde hair as he talks with a spanish accent! A spanish guy with blonde hair? Oh c'mon... ;) So I tried to make him look more like a typical Latino-Lover BUT make him look more sympathetic. Hope you enjoy!

Sten: Ingame he never appeared to me that old as he looks. I also didn't like his looks with his beard in the trailer. Don't ask me why, but the way he talks and thinks remind me more of a warrior from the Arabian/Egypt area... so I tried to give him a little oriental look without actually looking... oriental... In my world that made sense ;) Hope you like it!

Leliana: I really love her character, she's really the kind of girl to fall in love with... I just didn't really like looking at her ;) Leliana and her past reminded me a lot of France: She comes from Orlais, she was betrayed by a woman named Marjolaine,... Also she is a bard and she mentioned once that it was part of her job to seduce men... So I decided to give her a more 'beautiful' look, just a little more french ;) But, as everyone else did, I kept her red hair :) The 'red hairs' always symolized something... dangerous in movies... Hope you like her!

Wynne: Actually I liked her old looks... maybe that's why she hasn't changed TOO much. But as she talks with the other companions about her past we find out that it seems she once was a little wilder than today... Just as with Leliana I wanted to give her a more 'bautiful' look, so you can see that she must have been a good-looking lady in the past. She also taught the apprentices in the Tower, so I thought she could always look a little more 'strict'. Originally I wanted her to look more like Catherine Deneuve (with her elegance even in higher age... She's wonderful!), but it just didn't work out with the Toolset... Again, I hope you like my attempt at her face! :)

... ... ...
... ...

Sooo,... why is there no mod for Alistair and Morrigan? Well, it's funny, but I think Bioware made Alistair just look perfect, so I see no need in making a face-morph for him. And Morrigan? Yes, once I created one, but then I already found the perfect face for her called 'New Morrigan and Leliana Faces' by Cynthe. I only changed the hairstyle and that's it! To show how I appreciate his work, here's the link!

=== === === === ===


Simply put the desired files into your override folder. If you already have another morph installed you'll need to replace them.

=== === === === ===

About the required mods for this I must honestly say I'm not sure anymore which one you need for these. As far as I remember you must have the following two installed... btw, if you're working on morphs yourself, you MUST have these ;)

More Hairstlyes
Pineapple Tree's Vibrant Colors
Also it seems you MIGHT need Dracomies True Textures for this

=== === === === ===

With that all said, I hope you like these! Have fun, and if there's any problem please contact me! This is my first attempt at sharing something on NEXUS, so I apologize if I forgot to mention something.

Best regards,