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Adds more emotion to the mage origin by allowing the female Surana/Amell to have a little mini-romance with Cullen. Kiss cutscene made by Dahlialynn.

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Everyone has my permission to use the resources from this or any of my mods however they want, without having to ask. However, if you do and share it publicly, I expect to be credited in some way. Thanks!

8/3/12: I am going to be working on more for this and my other mods. Feel free to go to BSN and ask to join my testing group if you are willing to help beta test. Otherwise keep your eye out!
You will also need to befriend me on BSN to join:

Hilde and I are proud to present you with Zevran Romance Scenes. Give it a try!

This will allow for the female Amell/Surana to have a little mini-romance with the Templar Cullen. This mod adds 3 scenes to the origin with Cullen, a "stolen kiss" (made by Dahlialynn), a farewell scene as the mage leaves, and a little scene after speaking to him in the Broken Tower quest (last 2 made by me). The player will also recieve an amulet from Cullen. I have also repaired dialogue between the player and Jowan, particularly if you betrayed him to Irving in the origin, when you see him in the cell at Redcliffe. I will consider this a WIP, because of the possibility of future updates.


Here is a fic written by Aeowyn, one of my testers about F! Mage and Cullen. I wanted to link it in to show what this mod will hopefully bring to the game.