The Carrion Birds - Quest by Fergus Macpherson
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In this standalone quest, you pick up where the original campaign left off. Discover how the world has changed following the Blight with a new party of characters. Your created character has a variety of background options available, including the option to play as a Qunari. Explore a new set of levels in a two hour adventure that includes a variety of unique combat encounters and puzzles.

Installation Instructions (please read):

-Double click on the downloaded file to launch DAUpdater, then select and install the file. If DAUpdater does not launch, manually do so from Dragon Age/bin_ship/DAUpdater.exe

-In game, go to the DLC menu and navigate to 'Installed content.' Disable all other mods and enable The Carrion Birds.

-Play from the 'Other Campaigns' menu.

-You will need to disable this mod to safely play other mods or the main campaign by unchecking it in the DLC menu.

--Note, if you have other mods installed, you may need to remove them. Any mod that influences gameplay (a quest, difficulty changes, new classes, items, etc.) may affect this mod. Purely cosmetic mods are fine (e.g. headmorphs, new textures). If you have such gameplay mods installed, it is recommended that you remove any files in the folder My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core. You can move them back when you're done playing The Carrion Birds, it won't hurt your save files or anything for other mods.


-To disable, simply uncheck in the DLC menu. To remove from your system entirely, delete the folder My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/addins/denerim.


Most issues involve another mod or possibly even Bioware DLC interfering. If you have any mods or DLC installed, uncheck them in the DLC menu. You may need to restart the game here. Also, move any files out of my documents/bioware/dragon age/packages. You can recheck/move your files back when done playing.

If there are no files in that folder and you don't have anything else enabled, or if the issue persists anyway, make sure you have the latest patch. If that still doesn't fix it, let me know about the issue.