morrigan sacred ashes trailer robes by Raughnut
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Added: 16/11/2010 - 10:04PM
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dang it! after an hour of editing this description and clicking "submit", the site decided to erase everything on account of an underscore or other "invalid character"... somewhere!!!

so. in short

hi everyone! this is my attempt to make morrigan's sacred ashes robe from the trailer. it doesn't include her skirt since the original was just fine and I didn't get it as it was supposed to look like.

I won't be supporting or updating this file very often because of school stuff. sorry, but at least I managed to get it... "releaseable" hehe

it has a zip file that you should place in your override folder and replaces morrigan's default robe.

to uninstall it, delete the files you copied

and thanks to bioware! you guys are awesome!.. please don't take too long to release dragon age 2 toolset :)