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Swaps out 147 headmorphs for more racially diverse replacements, for anybody who\'s sick of being the only black dude in Ferelden.

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This mod replaces 147 in-game white dude and white chick headmorphs with more racially diverse appearances. This is not just a "change the skin color and call it a day" mod - every altered character has modified features and a facial structure pushed away from the Caucasian default.

This mod is meant to be comprehensive, changing both speaking characters and ambient characters across every game region and DLC; thus, expect it to be improved over time (147 is really not that many, I've barely even started on the DLC). It's also modular, so if you, for example, don't want the party changes (I imagine most people already have their own preferred party morphs), you can just delete the "party" folder.

There were two restrictions I tried to abide by. Characters with prerendered cutscenes were mostly left alone (the one exception is Tamlen, I just can't stand his vanilla look), and characters with a family resemblance have that resemblance maintained (apart from Eamon and Teagan, who don't look much like each other to begin with).

I was also limited by the toolset. I've tried to get a good mix of shapes and colors, but... well, anybody who's been able to make a plausible concave nose on a male of any species, I tip my hat to your working of miracles, because hours of combat with the sliders has left me quite convinced it isn't possible. Thus, there are certain racial groups I just wasn't able to properly represent. Sorry, guys. Take it up with BioWare. :/

This mod requires Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors and TMP's Tucked Hair in order to function properly.