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Recreating the Baldur\'s Gate II experience in Dragon Age.

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Baldur's Gate II Redux: Module 1 - Irenicus' Dungeon

Nostalgia strikes home when playing through Dragon Age: Origins. You have flashbacks from the past, an urge to play a game you once loved. That game is the renowned Baldur's Gate II, famous for its fantastic writing and twisting plot. Starting out with Irenicus' Dungeon, the BGR Team is recreating the beloved Baldur's Gate II experience in the Dragon Age engine.

This module contains the very first dungeon in the game - Irenicus' Dungeon. This provides around two hours of gameplay, several levels and quests, and a whole lot of new features besides that.

  • New abilities and classes with around 50 new spells
  • New room and prop models and textures
  • New creature models including goblins, golems and djinnis
  • 4 New followers - Imoen, Minsc, Jaheira and Yoshimo
  • Audio and dialogue extracted from the original game
  • Resting mechanic with fatigue penalty for tiredness and party camp accessible anywhere
  • New equipment including new weapon and armour types and new icons

For more information, see the Focus On Custom Content article

  • BG2 on GOG
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  • Youtube channel - videos from the mod
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  • Get involved! - Post in the Introduction thread on our forum if you'd like to help out with the production of future BGR modules
  • Support - post in the Troubleshooting section of our forum if you have any problems with the mod


This mod is packaged as a 7zip containing a dazip. You may install it using the "vanilla" method, or using a third party mod manager, like DAModder (recommended). It does not require any other mods. However, remember to extract the 7zip before installing (details below)

"Vanilla" method:
  • Extract 7zip using a program like Winrar or Winzip
  • Browse to and open C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daupdater.exe
  • Click "Select DAZIPs"
  • Browse to the file and click OK
  • Highlight the file in the DAUpdater list
  • Click Install Selected


This mod is entirely incompatible with pretty much every class or ability mod. Please disable them when playing BGR.

Model and texture mods are expected to work, but most gameplay tweaks and stuff are expected to make no difference. If you are having problems, just disable your other mods.

Known Issues

Bard/Paladin has low stats - WORKAROUND-able
When creating a bard or paladin, selecting "no subclass" at any point during character generation will cause these two subclasses to start with very low stats. The workaround is to back out to main menu, start character generation and do NOT flip between other classes or select No Subclass at any time. Check the attributes - they should total 74. If they total 64, back out and start again.

The game crashes when travelling between camp and level 2
This affected around 20% of testers. If this affects you, please travel to level 1 to rest.

On chargen, no class except Bard is selectable
Mods to DA classes can conflict with BGR classes, so before playing you should disable or uninstall any mods altering DA classes or adding new classes to ensure no conflicts.

Injury kits do not work
The injury system is currently not working as intended. We plan to revamp the injury system in the next module.

Reporting Issues

If you would like to report an issue, please do so in the Troubleshooting section of our forums. Be sure to include a full description of the issue and how to reproduce it, along with any relevant screenshots.

Future modules will require an original copy of Baldur's Gate II to be installed.

Future modules will require an installation of Baldur's Gate II on your machine. While we expect the installer to work on all types of installation, we will mostly be testing with the GOG.com version in English. Other languages will very likely have a mixture of English and non-English text, and non-English audio. For more information on translating BGR, check out the translation thread in the Public Discussion section of our forum.

You can purchase a digital download of Baldur's Gate II complete from Good Old Games here.


This not-for-profit mod recognises Bioware, Atari and Wizards of the Coast as copyright holders of the Baldur's Gate Intellectual Property and assets. We distribute some of this copyrighted content under the four conditions of fair use of copyright under U.S. copyright law as follows:

Our not-for profit mod is a reinterpretation of the Baldur's Gate Intellectual Property and does not replace the original game developed by Bioware.

The work is distributed freely for the public's enjoyment: the mod authors benefit in no way, financial or otherwise from its distribution.

This mod contains only the first couple of hours of playable content from the considerably larger original game, marketed as having over 100 hours gameplay.

The mod provides an value-added alternative way to enjoy the original content in an entirely new way.

The mod raises the profile of the existing Intellectual property, and by presenting the IP positively and in a high-quality manner, improves the value of the IP and does not detract from it.

Future mods will make use of an installer that extracts text and audio from a full original Baldur's Gate II install, thus preventing the need to distribute this copyrighted content and directly encouraging the purchase of the original work.


BGR Team

Production & Design
Production, Gameplay Design - mikemike37
Gameplay Design - Nikivich
Gameplay Design - Cuvieronius

Scripting Lead, Ability & Environment Scripting - Nikivich
Environment Scripting - Cuvieronius
Tools Programming - Dutchy
Ability Scripting, AI - mikemike37

Level Assembly, Environment Modelling, Texturing - mikemike37
Creature Modelling, Texturing - ZenTSaw (a.k.a. Zenl)
Environment Modelling - DarthParametric
Icons - Cuvieronius
Misc Modelling - DarthSloth

Audio and Video
Trailer, Cutscenes - Tom Uram
BG2 media conversion; VO, sound and music - Cuvieronius

Areas, Storyline , Plots - Nik, Cuvieronius
Dialogue, Items, Text, Creatures, Heads - Cuvieronius
Heads, Items, Creatures, VFX - mikemike37
Dialogue, Items, VFX - Bbtufty
Heads - DarthParametric

Web design, hosting - Lelldorianx
Trac system, hosting - Dutchy

BGR Team

Voice Acting
Mizura as Cania/Ulvaryl
Cuvieronius as Thieves/Misc.

With thanks to
Astrid Bashir
Chewy Gumball
Thor Thunderfist
Wizard of thay

External Credits

Third Party Mods
Used with permission to distribute

Adonnay's Weaponry - Adonnay
The Icons Project - Ketaros

Dragon Age Tools
DA:O Toolset Model Exporter - ChewyGumball
DA:O Model and Animation Import Export - Eshme
tazpn's Command Line Tools - tazpn
GUI for tazpn's Command Line Tools - Allstar92

Infinity Engine Tools
Infinity Explorer - Yole
WeiDU - Wes Weimer
Near Infinity - Jon Olav Hauglid
Sam at spellholdstudios.net