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adds light class chest,gloves,boots,helms to in-game.

Permissions and credits
* Correct dazip names are R18PN_FURUFURU_CORE_1.0.03.dazip and R18PN_FURUFURU_ADAPT_EP1_1.0.03.dazip *

* Human & Elves & Dwarves Female Only. If every man does not run.*

R18PN 08 - FuruFuru Armor (Author NPR)


NPR(aka KURUSE) is author of this creature. He is work in Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion.
This armor is a neat and very fine work. According to the description, The original is from a Monster Hunter Series.
I adapted it to the DA:O that would work only.

This MOD are completely not true to the in-game style.

Every time, LOAD GAME is to created the WISH STONE(Cheat Item). If you use it, which will be a conversation. Through this conversation certainly can get the item you wish.

Item Power Rule:
* This items varies depending on your equipped items.



2. Renamed R18PN_FURUFURU.cif to R18PN_FRFR.cif ( fixed Critical error for v1.04 )
1. Resized LOD2/3 texture files.

Known Bugs :
This MOD is made for DA:O ver 1.03, if you are using lower version it may cause trouble. You would keep the latest version.


* Awakening player need to install both, core and adapt.

1) Extract this zip file.
2) Use DAUpdater.exe or DAModder.exe

* To install a DAZIP so that your game can use it, either double-click on it (if the file type has been associated with the DAUpdater program) or go to the bin_ship directory where your game executable is and run DAUpdater.exe manually.



Bioware's toolset.
ChewyGumball's DA:O Toolset Model Exporter v1.0.1
Eshme's Model and Animation Import Export 3dsmax Gmax v4.04 Very Good! Powerful Import tool

- From Dargon Ages Origin MOD

Adriangi for creation meshes and textures. (Realistic look)
NewByPower for creation meshes and textures. (Natural Bodies)

- From Elder Scroll 4 MOD

NPR for creation meshes and textures. (R18PN - FuruFuru Armor for HGEC v2)
Ren for creation meshes and textures. (Beautiful People Hair)

---------------------------------------------- Edited by glee(http://glee.pe.kr)