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Asajj Ventress Morph from Star Wars.

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UPDATE 15/01/2010: Added Comic v3. Now with a new face textures and tattoo.
UPDATE 15/11/2010: Added Comic v2.
UPDATE 24/10/2010: Added The comic version.

I would like to thank beeto for his great help by making the tattoo and face textures.

Mod Description
In this file is included Asajj Ventress's face from Star Wars in .MRH .MOP and .MOR files. There are 4 Versions. The Cartoon version, the Clone Wars version and the Comic version.

Hope you like it! :)

About Asajj Ventress:
Asajj Ventress was a female Rattataki Dark Jedi and arguably the most dangerous of Count Dooku's Dark Acolytes. In actual fact, Ventress was trained as a Jedi, whilst a child on her homeworld of Rattatak, under the tutelage of Jedi Knight Ky Narec. However, after Narec was slain, Ventress gave into her anger and began walking the path of the dark side; taking up the lightsaber of her dead master, she trained herself in the Niman/Jar'Kai style of lightsaber combat, before slaying all the warlords on Rattatak and installing herself as its ruler.

Eventually, Ventress's actions came to the attention of Count Dooku, and after a test of her abilities, she became a commander in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. During the Clone Wars, Ventress became one of the most feared beings in the galaxy, notorious for her defeat of several Jedi. As the war continued, Ventress became the bitter enemy of both Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, the latter of which was convinced that she could be redeemed. During Kenobi's mission to return Ventress to the light, she received a life-threatening wound from Skywalker, faked her death and disappeared into the unknown; wishing to be free of the Jedi, the war and Count Dooku.

Required Mods:
-All Versions:

LOTC s Female Eyelashes:

Bidelles Cosmetics:

-Clone Wars Version ONLY:

Dracomies True Textures:

-Comic v2 ONLY:

Wolf pack of face tattoos(Bonus Pack only):

For the .MRH file: You will have to edit your save game in order to change your character's face with this file. You will find the way here: http://whuffie.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/tutorial-dragon-age-toolset-head-morph-for-pc/

For the .MOP file: You will need to edit your For chargenmorphcfg.xml file to add the preset into your game. Firstly, place hf_asajj.mop and/or hf_asajjcw.mop files into your override folder. Then,edit the chargenmorphcfg file(i use notepad++) and find: and then . Copy and paste this: (for the cartoon version) and/or this: (for the Clone Wars version) under .

For the .MOR file: With this file you can replace the face of any npc in the game. First, put it in your override folder. Then rename it to: hf_genfl_leliana for Leliana, hf_genfl_wynne for Wynne and hf_genfl_morrigan for Morrigan.

Other Faces By Me:

Sacred Ashes Leliana Face:

The Witcher Triss:

Thanks to: beeto for his face textures and tattoo.
all those who made the above mods and helped me create this morph
Bioware and EA for making this EPIC game!!