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UPDATE: added an optional file for King Cailan in the Return to Ostagar dlc. (optional since not everyone has the dlc) This is a beta version because of one small issue which I am still trying to work out. When you first meet his cross, the cutscene will play with him in a crucified position. After the cutscene he will revert to a standing position on the cross and move a little. (I know a little creepy) He will still have the dialogue options after the bridge battle where a party member will comment. At the ending, he will be back in the crucified position (I think he might blink) and the cutscenes will play normal again. All clothed. ;)

A SPECIAL THANKS to DarkeWolf and TerraEx for help locating the files names for Cailan. If you like the Cailan thus far, please give these two some kudos for helping make this possible.

For those of you, like myself, who use the Natural Bodies based mods, you will notice that the prisoner in Ostagar you get the Mages Chest quest from is completely naked. What this mod does is a simple fix to put clothing on him. Not a huge change, but a small one for those who don't want to see him naked every time.

UPDATE:New file contains utc files for all prisoners in the Arl of Denerim estate and Fort Drakon plus the original Ostagar prisoner. If you think of others in the game let me know. This will not work for the Warden or Alistair in Fort Drakon because they do not have seperate utc fiiles for that part. Also, any prisoner that has clothing scavanged from them, like the one Riordan gets his clothes from, will still be naked because that is an equipment script flag, not a utc file.

Added Ser Friden to the files. Just unrar his file into the main Clothed Prisoners folder in the override. I have never seen him, so I have no screenshots, so any you have would be appreciated. It looked like he had massive boots and gloves, so added massive armor to him to cover him up.

Added the two sick soldiers being helped by the nurse in Ostagar. A request made to change their armor to clothing.

Just place the file into your MyDocuments/BioWare/DragonAge/packages/core/override folder.

You will also need a saved game previous to Ostagar for him to show correctly as this is a utc file change and will not take effect once he has already been loaded into the area. If someone knows of a console command for making this work after loading Ostagar feel free to comment on how to do it.
UPDATE:This last part applies also to the other prisoners included at the Howe estate and Ft Drakon.