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About this mod

Retains Nathaniel\'s original, Lore-friendly look with less severity, slightly softened, without making him bishie. The difference is subtle but effective. Now with two degrees of softening!

Permissions and credits
Now with two degrees of change!

Description of Basic Changes

Mild changes: Makes skintone a little warmer, eyes a little larger, face a little less severe.
Stronger changes: Skin a little warmer again, edges softened, face less 'scowling'.

Whether or not you are aware, there is actually a little subliminal messaging in the shape of the characters' faces. (This is why I don't use or make mods that drastically change appearance; it detracts from this.)

For example: Alistair and Cailan have a smaller face, smaller chin and wider forehead. Their facial hair is only a light scruff as if only just growing in. This gives their looks a childlike quality that suits their respective characters. Although the differences are realtively small, Alistair's face is slightly more childlike than Cailan's. (This explains why they both looks so creepy when they *RAGE* - there a few things scarier than a child responding with adult emotions and reactions.)

Nathaniel's face-shape (both this and the original, though this a little less so) is actually based of Loghain's basic face shape. This is probably so that any dislike you have for Loghain's character will be carried on to Nathaniel fairly easily, or perhaps because the shape itself is supposed to again, represent personality. (Loghain's face however, uses the quanari texture (esp around the eyes). I blended default with dwarf for the mild version, and default with kid for the stronger version.)

To Install

To install, copy file into ...\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override or a subfolder of same.

Recommended Mods

I personally use PineappleTree's default replacement eyes, but you should not need them for this mod (they just make his eyes lighter).