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Updated: 20/12/2009 - 12:00AM

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Some options are known to not affect the new campaign and the content therein but as far as stability and bugs are concerned everything seems fine. Until BioWare makes awakening available for modding I can't update it.

Known problems:
- Extra tactic slots may be lost upon reaching level 26
- Gender swap may not affect the Awakening campaign

Title: Dragon Age Mutator
Goal: Improve various aspects of the game
Author: TheMutator
Date: 20.12.2009
Version: 014
Website: http://social.bioware.com/project/873/

R0: Sustained graphical effects removed
Removes all the different gfx of all sustained talents from all classes.

R0: Weapon enchantement effects removed
Removes all flaming, glowing, crackling and other effects from weapons.

R1: Open locks with warriors "bravery" and mages "staff focus"
Significantly lowered the prerequisites to learn those two talents.

R0: Rare random travel encounters are more likely to happen
There are a few random travel encounters, that are quite rare to happen. For example, in my first playthrough, I saw not one of them. So, this mod raises the chance significantly.

R1: Party banter chance on location travel
Upon entering certain locations, there is a slight chance, that party members start speaking to each other.

R0: The Wisp spell increases movement speed of the party
In addition to the usualy benefit to the caster, the wisp now increases movement speed of the whole party.

R1: All locks are open to everyone
You think picking locks is for wussies? Well, use this mod and then won't be any need to pick anything ever again. But you won't get experience for unlocking either.

R0: Chain Lightning electrifies the enemies for a while
After the initial impact each foe will twitch and suffer electric damage for a while and is therefore unable to move or act. Completely with visual effects. Also, the cooldown has been reduced by 25%.

R1: Open locks with warriors "bravery" and mages "staff focus"
These talents are now active and can be used on locked objects. They can open any pickable lock no matter the difficulty but there is a cost involved. Since forcing open locks damages the content, the spell automatically removes a small amount of silver from your possession.

R1: Death Syphon and Death Magic improvements
The range of these spells is doubled and so is their efficiency.

R0: Finishing moves happen more frequently
Primarly in melee, there is a chance, that foes will be killed with a special finishing move animation. This mod increased the frequency of them happening.

R0: Spellcasting can't be interrupted
When suffering damage and effects, spellcasting can be interrupted. With this mod this won't happen anymore.

R1: Containers and dead foes are more likely to contain coin
There is now a chance on nearly every enemy and box to contain a very random but still balanced amount of coin for all those heroes who like shopping.

R1: Summoned creatures do not disappear
After area transition and traveling summoned creatures will remain instead of being removed. An exception is Flemeth's Hut. If you have troubles with your summoned creatures, go there.

R1: Less transparent and faster in stealth
This changes the silly ghost effect to a minior transparency, makes you move at 80% instead of 60% and stealthed foes are very slightly visible while they are stealthed.

R0: Improved and expanded item sets
All sets can have two different bonuses but most of them only use one. This mod expands all sets with only one bonus with a second, minior one and improves the other sets to keep them all in balance.

R0: Your companions like you faster
It's harder to get your companions to dislike you and easier to get them to love you.

R0: Stealing without cooldown
Very simple. Instead of waiting for the skill to recharge, it refreshes instantly.

R1: Disable auto leveling for new companions
If you gain a new companion the game won't assign attributes and skills/talents/spells anymore. You are now free to do that as you wish.

R1: Swap your gender in the eyes of others
Playing a female and want to sway Morrigan or playing a male who wants to impress Allistair? Here you go. Be aware, that while this mod is active, the whole game will see you as the opposite gender. So it's best to active for "special" purpose only.

R0: Maximize available tactical slots
Get 25 tactical slots on a character the next time he gains a level.

R1: Unhide all specializations
This will instantly unhide all specializations for your class without changing anything about your achievements, quests or companions. If you delete this mod again it will be as it would have never existed. Talent points you spent however are still assigned but as long as you keep the abilities on your action bar they are usable. Otherwise you will need to unlock the specialization the original way to gain access to it again but your points will be waiting for you there.

R0: Silence Shale's footsteps
Exchanges the clunky and unnerving sound of Shale walking around with the normal sound of a large humanoid.

R0: Make shapeshifting instantly and without downtime
Shapeshifting becomes blinding fast and without cool down. It is now a real alternative to the other specializations.

R1: Display rewarded and stolen items
Whenever you use pickpocket or receive rewards through quests or other means beside looting you now get a message above your characters head telling you what it was.

R0: Make NORMAL difficulty easier
Decreases the difficulty of the NORMAL setting by almost 30%.

R0: Make EASY difficulty harder
Increases the difficulty of the EASY setting by almost 50%. The gap between EASY and NORMAL is almost 200% compared to the difference between NORMAL and HARD. This and the following mod adjust it to a normal curve between EASY and NIGHTMARE.

Risk Levels
There are a quite a few modifications out there and some of them are outright dangerous but you won't know that until it's too late. I think transparency is important and people should always know what potential risks they submit themselves to. Therefore I will label all my mods with a risk rating from R0 to R3.

R0: Very safe. The mod might work, not work or only work partially due to conflicts with other mods but all changes are nonpermanent and won't affect your savegames or your campaign. Once uninstalled it will be as it would have never existed.

R1: Safe. The mod might override some core files of the game but the changes are nonpermanent and safe by themselves. However, if other mods use or change the same core files, then you might experience conflicts with unforeseen consequences. If you use no mods outside this pack here, then it won't be a problem.

R2: Use with caution. These mods might have permanent effects on your savegames or even your whole campaign. Another reason for R2 might be a high complexity or multiple overrides of various core files and therefore a realistic chance for bugs.

R3: Use at your own risk. Mods with known errors or a high probability of bugs. Incompatibility with other mods almost certain and might cause severe troubles with your game, even lasting ones.

Simple enough. Run the installer again and it will allow you to remove the installed mods.