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Some people are uploading fake mods with malware. Never trust any mod not uploaded by his author.

BioWare project page

Don't forget to comment any issue and please, rate (endorse) if you liked it. :)


This is the first time I decide to upload a mod, so please, I expect constructive criticism and no such another thing, as obvious, this mod took quite an effort to be made from nothing, and more to release.


Now supports Dwarves males and females! (link here, it seems that only dazip files can be uploaded here)

Also I remind you I've uploaded there some files that may solve your problems triggering the cutscene, let me know, don't forget feedback is important to improve the mod.

Third thing: now is time to translate, so:
-I'd like you to tell me where can the dialog sound files be located, since I couldn't find them myself (you know, the .wav for every character). I need them for the translation.
-I'll only translate to Spanish, any other translation you want, please provide translation of the conversation in the cutscene on a private message, and I'll add them.


I've uploaded a script (goes to Override folder) so you can test if the problem is you don't meet the requisites or something else. Check on BioWare site till I find out what's the problem with uploading files here. It worked for me before.

This script REMOVES relationship checks.

I've uploaded an Override version on BioWare project page for the ones who can't run the DaZip one here. Let me know if you find any issue, but the override version should work for you!

It's called "Ritual de Morrigan.7z".

Just copy the entire content of the .7z to "My Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/" and overwrite if asked.
-Some changes with animations so they don't mix up, as well as some fixes between cameras.
-I tried to improve Morrigan dialog lines a bit, but still far from true voice acting. Nevertheless, I think now sounds a bit better.
-Now supports Elf Male/Female as the Warden romancing Alistair. I haven't tested them, but they should work perfectly.
-Let me know if you find any bug like music not playing, dialog not playing...

The mod just overrides cli310ar_redcliffe_castle_2.are, so any mod that alters that area (second floor at Redcliffe Castle AT CLIMAX) will be incompatible, but anyway this area is not a big deal to mod in fact.

As a scripted event, it will be *fully* compatible with mostly everything, since it's a standalone cutscene that plays when the script fires if the main plot flags are met. That means, it will be compatible with any dialog tweak on Morrigan/Alistair, etcetera, since it uses its own dialog lines.

To the point, this mod simply adds a 3'20'' cutscene showing what happened once Alistair left the room where you were talking to Riordian. We didn't know much about the Dark Ritual Morrigan offers you to save your life, but recently Bioware published a comic, written by David Gaider and Drawn by DA fellow Aimo, that shows the difficult choice Morrigan has to deal with.

I got inspired by this artwork and decided to get it in-game. It was difficult because there was no dialog files with such sentences, so I had to pick up words across all the sound files and mix them together to make new sentences. The result may not be perfect but I was satisfied enough to share it.

This cutscene will play once Riordian tells the Warden that a life must be sacrified in order to kill the Archdemon once and for all. When the Warden leaves the room after the conversation, this cutscene will play if every condition is met:
-Alistair MUST be in the party, so you must have chosen him over Loghain.
-Morrigan MUST be in the party, so you must NOT have ever told her to leave.
-In addition, two more requisites must be met, according to the story drawn in the comic:
*Morrigan must be FRIENDLY to the player.
*Alistair must be IN LOVE (or still in love) with the player.
The cutscene will work considering the sex of the Gray Warden, allowing same-sex relationship, so the ones using mods to romance Alistair as a male will have their cutscene and the Warden will be refered accordingly.

-Currently supports Human Male and Female, as well as Elf male and female.


-Full translation to Spanish, as one Spanish proud man I am.
-The other way round, with Morring the one being romanced, I think it should be interesting.
-I wish to continue working the final stages of the game, concerning the DR, ultimate sacrifice and epilogue, if I have time to do so.

It's a dazip. Just use DAModder or the like.
If you encounter any bug, like music isn't playing, missing actors or the like, tell me so.


-Aimo for her inspiring work. You can watch her on deviantart along with the rest of her work.
-Uneedusman for his DA Companion WAV Catalog I used for making the lines.
-Beerfish Excel templates, quite useful to find the animations I was looking for.

Thank you.