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Alistair morph - darker stubble, thicker brows & lips, blonder hair, bigger eyes. 8/20/10 - added more hair colors.

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Subtle Alistair morph - darker stubble, thicker brows, blonder hair. Also made the eyes a little bigger, and the lips a little thicker. Uses Pineapple Tree's eye color replacement, and PT's Vibrant Colors.

Update 12/11/10
Per request, I added Duncanstair with Dark Brown and Black hair.

Updae 10/31/10
I made a blond Duncanstair for my game. I realy liked it, so I uploaded it. If you like my warden thats in the photo, my preset for him is here:

Update 9/27/10
By request added some new hairstyles. a blond & brown Marric style, and a brown Duncan style. They are all found in the same download.

Update 9/25/10:
Added a blond version with a Warden Tatoo

Update 8/20/10:
I wasn't happy with the Black morph - He looked like one of those 80yr old men who dye their hair black. It looked too unnatural. I was using the bioware black for that file, but it looked too flat, so I switched it to a PT color. I also made the eyebrows darker, this helped alot in making it appear like he is a natural brunett. I usualy am not a fan of black hair Al (although I prefer guys w/ black hair in general), but he looks realy cute in this one now.

Update 8/20/10:
OK, another update. I prefer the Amber eyes, so I switched all of the files to that one. I also updated all of the files so thet they have the thicker lip tweek. The light red was burning my eyeballs, so I switched it to a more subdued red and used green eyes for that one ( I don't usualy go for Red Heads, but he looks realy cute in this one). Let me know your prefrences!

Update 8/20/10:
Updated brown pack - added an even lighter brown. Very close to his vanilla color, but less red. Also tweeked the lips in all of the brown files (they are a tiny bit fuller now).

Update 8/19/10:
As requested, added more hair colors. Today, we have a brown pack - 3 shades using pt's vibrant colors. The difrences are subtle, but you can pick which one you like best. In the screen shots they look almost the same, but you can see the difference in the game. Also added Dark Red, Light Red w/ green eyes, & Black.

1.2 version - tweeked the lips a little.