Underworld Armory by zertualpro and Sinblood
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Last updated at 20:24, 15 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 9:07, 1 Aug 2010

Conversion of models done oryginaly for Oblivion by zertualpro + tweaked textures done by Sinblood, so all credits to those two moders I only converted those models and "slightly changed" the helmet mesh

Oryginal readme from zertualpro http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=25734


Oryginal readme from Sinblood



Underworld Armory v1.1


All armors provide support for human and elf females and males only atm.


All armors will be added to your inventory when loading the mod on already existing save in OC. If not there is a script to add items to your inventory.Awakening and Witch Hunt users will most likely have to use the runscript command to get the items (atelast for me they didnt loaded on new save so i had to use the runscript command).

Type "runscript underworld_armory" - be sure to type it properly and without the quotes

If you feel those armors are overpowered, there is a wonderfull mod i recommend to anyone and its called Winter Forge. Search for it on Nexus



Update 1 - Contains some mesh/rigging fixes, uv maping fixes, "More detailed horsetail" for all genders and supported races, 3 difrent colors for hairs from under helmet, beter textures compression, beter normal mapping, fixed plastic glow on metal parts.

Instal istruction for Update 1.
Drop tthe underworld Armor folder to your \My documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

v1.1 Added male armor meshes
v1.0 Initial release



-Some minor cliping or rigging issues
-No LOD files yet so you will experience distortions when viewing from a far
-Minor shading issue for the female skirt

others ? if you find any post them



zertualpro for the oryginal meshes and textures
Sinblood for the updated more detailed textures
NewByPower for the blender import/export script
BioWare for still doing best RPGs (hope it wont get changed)

If i forgot anyone or put incorect credits pls notice me about it so i can fix that ;)



You can do whatever you wish with those models as long as you include proper credits.

$ Fraper