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NVariety v4 by Oblivion_gallo

Ia. What the mod does

Ib. Changelog

Ic. Required files

Id. Compatibility

II. Installation

III. The NVariety Tool

IV. Deinstallation

Disclaimer: If you want to alter the mod files in any way or use parts of the mod in your own one, feel free to do so, but please send a PM in the Nexus so I know you do. Just to be clear, this does NOT include hosting this mod on any other site without my permission and knowledge.

Ia. What the mod does

Version 4 of the NVariety Mod allows you to use a different model and skin for each of your followers, as well as for each of your main characters.

Ib. Changelog

NVariety .dazip:

NVariety v4.1:
-a bug has been fixed where dressing or undressing would glitch your appearance
-an occassional bug has been fixed where unequipped armor would erroneously show up twice in the inventory

NVariety V4:

-characters will no longer use their changed appearance when fully dressed (see next point): on unequipping the torso piece, the appearance will be changed;
this will also unequip hand, feet and head equipment to circumvent the problem of invisible body parts with custom/DLC armor. Equipping hand, feet or head equipment while no torso piece is equipped is possible; equipping a torso piece will re-equip previously worn hand, feet and head equipment.
-custom armor as well as DLC armor will appear correctly when worn by a dressed character; equipping such armor with an undressed character will still result in the affected body part turning invisible.
-V4 works on all temporary DA:O party members (excluding the redshirts at the Tower of Ishal).
-the 'Bag of Transformation Potions' has been removed; instead, Transformation Potions vanish and reappear after use.
-a bug has been fixed where the use option of Transformation Potions would be greyed out.

NVariety Tool:

NVariety Tool v4.6.3:
-Morrigan will no longer make her entrance as a floating head
-Multiple characters of the same origin/class/sex are now displayed in the character selection section
-Dwarf and Elf males can now use feet and hands that are compatible with custom bodies

NVariety Tool v4.6.2:
-yet another bug in the override config file has been fixed
-a problem has been fixed where companions would have an invisible torso when you first meet them
-the code for selecting files has been changed to circumvent an (apparently) common file version conflict that prevented users from being able to open the 'open file dialog'
-having a character that uses a custom Origin mod (Dalish Mage, Adopted) will no longer crash the tool; however, only the Dalish Mage mod can be supported at this time

NVariety Tool v4.6.1:
-a bug in the override configuration file has been fixed

NVariety Tool v4.6:
-GUI has been altered for easier use
-created files will now automatically be zipped to .override
-player character race,origin,class and name is read from DA character folder
-temporary party members have been added to selectable party members
-a progressbar has been added to give feedback on the installation process

NVariety Tool v4.02:
-Setup is now available in English,French,German,Japanese,Spanish
-VB runtimes should finally work now

NVariety Tool v4.01:
-NPC folders are now created with the correct identifier
-VB runtimes are now included in the installer

Ic. Required files

-NVariety Mod v4 .dazip

-NVariety Tool v4.6

-Custom Human models and textures (for example Natural Bodies All in One)

-[url=http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=277]Dragon Age Mod-Manager[/url}

Id. Compatibility

This mod is not compatible with the 'Adopted' mod. Characters forcing a combination of Origin/Class/Race that is not part of Vanilla DA will not be able to use a custom body through the NVariety Mod.
The mod is compatible with the 'Dalish Mage Origin' mod. Use the optional compatibility file to create the according files. Please read the readme.

Also, the Potion of Transformation will not show up in Awakening. You might be able to create it using the console; however, characters created for Awakening can not be changed. The Potion will only work on characters imported from Origins.

II. Installation

If you used any version of the mod or the tool before, please uninstall it including the model and texture files before using Version 4.1 and NVariety Tool v4.6.2

1. Install the NVariety Tool v4.6.2 to a place with enough free space (~ 1gb). All model and texture files you want to use with the mod will temporarily be placed on this drive.

2. Install the 'Natural Bodies All in One' Override with DAOMM if you want to use the models/textures for this mod.

3. Start the NVariety Tool v4.6.2. Under Windows 7 and Vista, you will have to run the program as administrator!

NVariety Tool v4.6.2:

To change your character's appearance ingame, several files need to be copied, altered and renamed. The NVariety Tool takes care of that and creates an .override file that can be easily installed with the

DA Mod-Manager. It also enables configuration of the Override in the DA Mod-Manager.

The following steps will use the recommended options. If you want to know how to select different player characters or party members, or how to add model/texture files other that the NBaio ones, please read on in section III. The NVariety Tool.

Quick start:

By default, the NVariety Tool will install:

-the files required to change the appearance of all existing player characters
-the files for all regular as well as temporary party members
-if you have the NBaio override installed, all of the NBaio model and texture files
-the override file once it is created

Before starting the installation, you will need to select the directory the DA Mod-Manager is installed in by clicking the 'Browse' button.
To start the installation, click the button labeled 'Write'.

4. Start the DA Mod-Manager.
Install the NVariety v4.1 .dazip.
Rightclick on the NVariety override to configure.

PLEASE NOTE: The Dragon Age Default Options (Body, Hands, Legs, Texture, Normal Map, Specular Map, Tint Map) do not mix well with most other models and textures. Either use all DA Default Options or none.

5. Start Dragon Age, load your game.

6. You will find a 'Potion of Transformation' in your inventory. (If you have started a new game and the potion is not in your inventory, save your game, then load it again.)
Use the 'Potion of Transformation' with the character whose appearance you would like to change.
The first dialogue option will change the character's appearance to the custom one.
To change a character's appearance back to default, use the 'Potion of Transformation' and go for the second dialogue option.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not yet met a Party member ingame that you have installed with the NVariety Tool, they will use their custom skin and model from the time you meet them. UPDATE: Use the Potion of Transformation on these characters anyway to ensure they will be able to wear custom/DLC armor!

III. The NVariety Tool


-Player characters:

With the NVariety Tool, you can select which of your main characters should be able to use a custom appearance. This can be done in the top-most strip of
the Tool window, where you can select between "All existing characters" (this means all characters you have started in the game), "Female characters" (those
of the existing characters that are female), "Male characters", and "None". Clicking the "Select other characters" button allows you to choose exactly which
characters you want to install.

-Party members:

The options here are similar to those for player characters. All options refer to the regular as well as the temporary party members. If you only want to select
the regular party members, click the button labeled "Select party members" and choose the party members you do want to install.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to select at least one player character OR party member to be able to create the override file.

-Model/Texture files:

The program checks whether you have the NBaio override installed and allows you to add all of the NBaio model or texture files by checking the according box.
Other model and texture files can be selected for install by clicking the according button.

-DA Mod-Manager Path:

If you have the DA Mod-Manager installed, you should select the directory you installed it to by clicking the 'Browse' button. The override file will then automatically be put in the Mod-Manager's override folder, and will appear in the Mod-Manager once you start it. You can also choose to have the override installed after it is created, which is faster than installing it in the DA Mod-Manager afterwards. If you do not specify a path here (by clicking the 'Browse' button, then clicking 'Cancel'), the override file will be put inside the NVariety Tool folder.

IV. Deinstallation

1. Start Dragon Age, load your game

2. Use the 'Potion of Transformation' to change your characters back.

3. Save your game

4. Deinstall the .dazip in DAOMM

5. Deinstall the .override in DAOMM

6. Deinstall the NVariety Tool