Ancient Elven Ruins by Sonmeister
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A dwarf named Thorag Cliffhang is at some Ancient Elven Ruins to the SE of the Dalish Camp (a map pin should appear there after Ostagar) you can go directly to the pin for the quest but should be at least 6th level no higher than 10th for it to be challenging. The dwarf Thorag needs some help retrieving some items and will ask another favor while recovering the items. The more you explore the Ancient Elven Ruins the more adventure you find. The Ruins are an active living underground with several encounters and individuals to deal with however you may desire. Be honorable, dishonorable, despicable, or just plain mercenary. Remember to talk to NPC's after the initial dialogue, there is much to find out. This is a DA lore friendly mod.
I highly recommend using DAModder to install this and all DA mods. All you have to do is drag and drop the dazip file and DAModder will install it. You can uninstall it just as easy using the program. You can find DAModder on this nexus site!
Here's a nice review of the mod: http://whuffie.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/ancient-elven-ruins-dragon-age-origins-mod-adventure-review/
There is an homage to Michael Moorcock and one of my favorite characters Elric, in this mod. If you like this mod be sure and try out Pints and Quarts Tavern mod. It has 5 quests with one that is a sequel to this mod. I have two other mods for higher levels, Swamp Tower Adventure and Infested Grounds (Levels 17 and higher).

Some minor known Issues:

1. One of the NPC's will ask you to follow him and sometimes he disappears - so just keep going the direction he calls you to follow.
2. At least one of the ruin levels - cave level - a cave passage is blacked out which you need to run through with the keyboard in order to continue. It lights up after you run through it and the mouse works fine after that.

Thanks to Amstradhero, TimeLordDC, Proleric1, _L_O_B_O_, BillHoyt and especially Sunjammer for all the help on putting this (my very first) mod together. The Bioware boys DavidSims and Craig Graff and the Bioware forum, particularly scripting also made this possible.