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Tired of Morrigan opening her mouth? Take matters into your own backhand. \"This a small light hearted modification that lets you slap Morrigan. Useful when she disapproves of you opting not to drown a bag of kittens. It overrides her main conversation with a new one adding the slap interaction.\"

Permissions and credits
Tired of Morrigan opening her mouth? Take matters into your own backhand.

This project adds a dialogue option for Morrigan that allows the PC to slap her. There is a 50% chance of her slapping you back. The basic idea was a community request, and I thought it would be a fun and interesting challenge to implement.

See project URL for the thread that spawned this mod.

I've done some basic testing and it seems to work fine, but if you have any conversation errors with Morrigan after installing this just uninstall it. This mod will most likely not work when combined with any other mods that modify Morrigan's conversation.



This modification is known to conflict with the "Equal Love" modification created by Kamajii. Until someone can figure out a way to fix it, they are incompatible with one another.


I do not take credit for this modification, it was created by the Author: Ashmaran

Original Source: http://social.bioware.com/project/1281/


Installation Instructions:

Download the .dazip file and open it with daupdater.exe (in your \Dragon Age\bin_ship folder).


Version Information


- Dialogue should now actually appear if you are romancing Morrigan.


- Fixed problem of option not being available if you have successfully romanced Morrigan
- Removed approval changes
- Pulled back camera for cut scene
- Added an alternate cut scene where Morrigan slaps you back, has a 50% chance of occurring.


- Fixed module core issue and related behaviour (double attribute points etc)


- Initial and hopefully final release.