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This is my leliana morph inspired by the Sacred Ashes version.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE 28/02/2011: Version 3.1 Some changes.
UPDATE 26/02/2011: Version 3.0! Now with a new hairstyle by ashtar01. Probably final version.
UPDATE 05/02/2011: Version 2.2 With new eyebrows.
UPDATE 24/01/2011: New Leliana's Song morph.
UPDATE 08/01/2011: Added mrh file for 2.0a.
UPDATE 07/12/2010: You can now find this morph along with others here: http://dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1945
UPDATE 18/11/2010: v2.0a Made the chin shorter.
UPDATE 17/11/2010: Version 2 Added!
UPDATE 13/11/2010: Added a different version for leliana's song. (See Pictures)
UPDATE 10/10/2010: Added the .mrh file of version 1.2 so that you can use it for your warden. You will find a tutorial of how to do that here: http://whuffie.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/tutorial-dragon-age-toolset-head-morph-for-pc/

This is a new face for Leliana inspired by the Sacred Ashes trailer.
There are many versions. You may download whichever fits you best.

Note: If you dont want to replace the face from Leliana's Song DLC just delete hf_lel000_leliana.mor from the Sacred Ashes Leliana Face folder.
Or if you only want the face for Leliana's Song DLC delete hf_genfl_leliana.mor from the Sacred Ashes Leliana Face folder.

Link to the video showcase if you can't see it in the video section: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3ZUAc32cAQ

Place Sacred Ashes Leliana Face folder in your override directory located in Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/Packages/Core.
Place the files from the LOD Leliana Hairstyle by Ashtar01 rar into your override directory for the hairstyle to appear when you are far from leliana.

-=-=Required Mods=-=-
-All Versions:

Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors

CC Extra Tints and Tones

LOTC s Female Eyelashes

-Leliana's Song Different Head Only:
Beautiful People Hair REN:

-v2.0a, 2.1 and 2.2 Only:

LOTC s Eye Textures:

-=-=Recommended Mods=-=-
Eyebrow Presets

Lelianas True Sacred Ashes Armor

v3.1: Inlcuded LOD files, changed hair colour and fixed a small clipping issue with the forehead and the hairstyle.
v3.0: Made some changes to the head and nose shape. Decided not to use mguitar07's textures. Included a new hairstyle made by ashtar01.
v2.2: New face textures by mguitar07.
v2.1: New Leliana's Song version.
v2.0: Shorter chin
v2.0: After some time, improved the face.
v1.2: Small Changes.
v1.1c: Added third version, more chubby.
v1.1b: Added second version with endeavour1934's face textures and rounder face.
v1.1a: Removed white line from mouth. Also file is now smaller.
v1.1: Changed some details.
v1.0: Initial Release

-=-=Other Faces By Me:=-=-
Asajj Ventress:

The Witcher Triss:

Mord Sith Cara:
Special Thanks to: tmp7704 for creating leliana's hair
ashtar01 for the version 3 hairstyle!
endeavour1934 for his face and eye textures and mguitar07 for his Leliana Face Textures
all those who made the above mods and helped me create this morph
Bioware and EA for making this EPIC game!!