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Added: 08/07/2010 - 02:06PM
Updated: 15/11/2014 - 08:39PM

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Last updated at 20:39, 15 Nov 2014 Uploaded at 14:06, 8 Jul 2010



  • Changed to two different methods of obtaining the items (see usage section below).
  • Added Lich King armor (Human male), Lich Knight armor (Human male), and Dread Knight armor (Human male/female).
  • Added a duplicate set of greatswords that do not have a scabbard (2 handed dual wield and faster swing mods compatible).


  • Fixed some errors with the off hand warglaives.


  • Reduced the size of each dazip by setting MMH files to share MSH files.
  • Raised the variation ID counts to reduce conficts with other mods.
  • Set the off hand warglaives to equip only in the off hand slot.
  • Colorized the weapontrail effects to match the element.
  • Simplified usage by adding all weapons only on the inital save load.


  • Initial Release.


This modification addin is a compilation of the various weapons created by the spectacular author Jojjo. They are all conversions from Oblivion to Dragon Age and the originals can be located here:

Frostmourne and Lich Kings Armor

Dread Knight Armor and Weapons

Warglaives and Silverlight Armor

There are 12 different types of weapons with each having a version of the 5 elements ice, fire, lightning, spirit, and nature.

There is two sets of greatswords, one that equips a scabbard and one that does not.

Each of the weapons have working colorized weapontrails and custom vfx.

Included is Lich King armor (Human male), Lich Knight armor (Human male), and Dread Knight armor (Human male/female).


Over alot of consideration and feedback I decided to provide two different methods to choose from.

Method 1: Challenging area added to the world map that leads to getting the items.

Method 2: Console script "runscript jjw_giveall" that will add one of every item to your inventory.

Because of the limitations of editing the Awakenings expansion, you will have to use the console script for it.


If you currently are using a previous version then please uninstall and install the lastest build.

Install dazip with DAupdater, DAO-Modmanager, or DAModder. If you want the new VFX then place the folder "jojjo_weapons" in the drectory: My Documents\Bioware\DragonAge\packages\core\override


Uninstall the dazip with DAupdater, DAO Modmanager, or DAModder. Delete the folder "jojjo_weapons" in the drectory: My Documents\Bioware\DragonAge\packages\core\override


Jojjo - For creating the awesome mods responisble for this one and allowing use of his work.
Eshme - For creating the 3dsmax plugins to Import/Export DA models and for his help.
Lautasantenni - For conversion of the Lich King Armor and Knight helm.
Morozik75 - For conversion of the Dread Knight Armor.
BioWare - For creating Dragon Age and the Toolset to allow modding.