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This adds some random teasers for mods to come , into the game of dragon age origins.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: We fixed the hilt problem , so now you grab the 2 handed blade decently , we also added 2 1-handed version to the game. Enjoy :)
PS: do take the time to read the HELP section a little lower here , we would much appreciate it :)

Good day people.

As you've seen , were very busy in building up our skills and will continue to bring new goodies , until we can release the main project ( http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1263 )
So stay tuned and enjoy the current releases :)


NOTE:Please read the help section for ways to support us , its all we ask in return for the mods :)



This mod makes it possible to add new ( and I mean totally new , not ripped off of a site models ) to your game. just load up a saved game and it should appear in your inventory.

These models DO NOT , I REPEAT , DO NOT replace any other models out there.

BIG NOTE : This mod was made as a teaser/promotion for what will be included in my main mod = Project Anima ( link = http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1263 )
That mod will be updated with a big amount of new stuff , so keep watching :)

I have to state clearly , that these custom models , were not ripped off of anything , they were completely made by us and you have NO allowance to use them in any other mod unless we give clear permission. We release mods for you to enjoy , then please respect our wishes , by asking us first.


Install the .dazip's with either the basic daupdater included in the game , or use DAmodder or the dragon age modmanager.

Special Thanks:

To Raughnut , for his help in creating the textures of the sword. and making the entire helmet model from scratch.
Here is one of his mods = http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1329
Have a look and leave him a note , im sure he'll be more then happy about it :)


While this mod is meant as teaser , dont hesitate to tell me any bugs , I havent done extensive testing, so its possible for bugs to appear , while normally they shouldnt. (for as far as I tested )


We are a small team at the moment , doing alot of work , but I have to admit that its a bit much for us , so if you want to help us and are qualified in any of these ways , send me a PM , a small piece/showcase of your work , and you will most probably be allowed in :)

We need:
- A good morphing artist : capable of making new and stunning characters , with a bit of a story behind it.
- A good rigger : actually any rigger will do , good or bad , as long as your willing to learn when your not that capable yet.
- Story writers : name self-explanatory
- Voice actors : we do have to put a bit of pressure here , we need good voice actors , with some decent recording material , if not , then chances are you wont be put in.

Thanks for reading, enjoy.