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This mod adds a set of Armor and weapons made with with arcane warriors in mind. (HM ONLY... and EM only... and HF only... no elf female yet)

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Hello Again! :p Today, I bring you an experiment! I've been trying to add capes to this armor since a looong time ago and this is the best I could come up with. I want to share it with you and get some feedback on it if possible. I personally dont like how it has clipping with the weapons and limbs sometimes but with the little knowledge of rigging I have is the best i could do.

so please try it. and believe me. if you have something negative to say about it, its nothing new for me hehe. so, if you feel like you'll only bash me for not reaching your high quality standard, then feel free not to try it and move on :)

Just unzip it and place them in your override folder. if you have the other patch installed for this armor then delete it first or it can produce some bug. if you only want the female version, just place the HFemale folder in your override.


Finally I learned how to resolve some issues. now, crust effects and VFX from spells and buffs should work propperly. and I did the Elf male version of the armor. I uploaded a patch file that you should put in your override folder, having previously installed the main file.

I also included High res textures since I received some complaints about them. They're now 2048x2048. These are optional and if your performance lowers because of this textures, I advise not to use them.

If you notice anything weird, let me know. this version is supossed to be more stable than the previous but I wont call it v2.0 until I have done the females version...


To my fellow friends from that "certain website" I feel honored that you liked my mod enough to translate and upload it there. I have nothing against that. but next time, please ask me first.


This Mod adds the "Armor of the Chaotic-Blue" to the game, a chest piece, gloves, boots and an amulet, along with a sword and a staff.

The design for the armor is inspired by Haar from Fire Emblem, the story and names behind the armor are inspired by the "slayers" series, by Hajime Kanzaka. If I knew how to add codex entries, I could provide some insight about the story.

The armor was conceived with an Arcane Warrior in mind, at first, it was designed as part of an animation project I was into, but after I played the game and realized the posibilities with the toolset, I decided to try to bring it to the game, unfortunately, the rigging process proved to be too much for me, and I couldn't finish the elf and female versions, so, it is Human Male ONLY at the moment, however, if anyone skilled in 3d and rigging wants to help the cause, i could provide the mesh and that way we could get the other versions.

Be aware that the "theme" of the armor is not very "lore" friendly.


This is my third attempt to create custom content for the game, but I'm still new at this, so even though I have tested the mod thoroughly myself and with help of others, and noticed no game/computer breaking bugs, I cannot guarantee that it'll work in your computers the same way. so, if you notice anything going badly with your game, I apologize, I think uninstalling it will be enough.

Known Issues

Due to the script I used, The armor and items will spawn after loading a savegame, and since it checks for the items in the player's inventory every time the game loads, it is possible that the items duplicate when assigned to other party members, or when they are deleted or sold... sorry!

I don't know if the items export to Da - Awakening

Some minor cliping but barely noticeable.

VFX from spells, such as spell shield might not display at all, I still can't figure out why.

Human male ONLY


The file comes in a .Dazip format, so I recommend using Dao-Modmanager by Altorian to install.


I recommend using Dao-Modmanager by Altorian to uninstall also.

Special Thanks to:

Bioware, for another amazing game, and a great (and very difficult to use :p) Toolset

Kzelsama - For his help and guidance in the basics of texturing.
Silvist - For his help and feedback with the pre-alpha version of the armor.
Chibievil - For helping with the last beta test before the 1.0 version