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Last updated at 9:47, 7 Jun 2010 Uploaded at 7:51, 2 Jun 2010

Due to many complaints in regards to this mod causing issues with some of the DLC material, problems with some cutscenes, and issues with flags in the mod itself not firing correctly, we have rated this mod as PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. In which case we strongly recommend that you make backup copies of any of your savegames before installing and playing this mod.
Your savegame folders are located in
documents/bioware/dragon age/characters
While these results are not from every member who have played the mod, it does happen to some. Take this warning, and play at your own risk.
-DarkeWolf, Nexus Staff

(......For players lvl 7-9+......)
(..Castle Scout Adventure for players lvl 10-12+..)

** Latest Update from Author 4/5/2011 **
Wow, i've been away for almost 1 year and people are still using this mod =) SORRY for all the bugs but I do hope everyone had a chance to enjoy it. I want to say IF THERE ARE MODDERS who wants to take over these projects, you have my permission to fix bugs, edit it, etc... Unfortunately I DO NOT have the builder-to-builder files anymore. But regardless, modders are SMART and EFFICIENT people. If you want, i'm sure you will figure it out.

Again, anyone has permission to edit, maintain, translate to a different language of this mod mod because I do not have time nor resources anymore.

..::Author Update (7/23/10)::..
Hey everyone, sorry for being totally MIA and not able to provide any support. Restaurant business is TOUGH and challenging... very long hours. I OFFICIALLY CAN NOT provide anymore support for my mods. Very very sorry. I hope you all can over look the 'faults' and enjoy the mods for what it is -- something fun, made by a fan who really enjoyed Dragonage and took the painful hours to learn the toolset =) Have fun everyone!

..::Author Update (6/20)::..
My life is extremely busy, and I have been spending little to no time on these boards & modding. I have just opened up a restaurant, and it's sucking all waking hours of my time. Therefore, I will be on MIA status for a while - but I will still check periodically for major bug reports. Although I am working on my 4th and last mod - incorporating everything I have learned making the 3 mods - I question if I will even have the time or drive to finish it. Best of luck to everyone, and I hope I had provided some enjoyable content to the community, whether it be too hard, buggy content, boring fights, and of course the robotic VOs.

I do want to thank everyone for all the support and suggestions along the way. I thank everyone for their patience and understanding. For those few who disliked my work, I apologize I couldn't make it better. The toolset was hard to learn, and very time consuming... my only answer to you is - I tried my best. =)

If I absolutely can not devote anymore time to the mods, I will upload a builder-to-builder package for anyone who wish to learn from my work... or to just repackage and make the mods better.

Good luck everyone!


v.3 Mod update (6/7/2010) - Before installing v.3, please remove ALL items from the Castle Storage. You will lose all your items kept at Equipment Caretaker when you install v.3. This version is released with 1 NEW adventure integrated into the castle - Speak with the Castle Scout to begin. Anyways, see below for patch notes detail.

v.2 Mod updated (6/2/2010) - see below.

v.1 Mod Completed (6/1/2010 11:53pm) - File Uploaded 12:03am. Designed for a BEGINNING PARTY level 7-9+. Becareful when you are inside the castle - There are alot of guards who will call for help. Use "rooms" to your advantage.

V.3 Patch Notes (uploaded 6/07/2010)

Known Bugs in V.3: Quest loop with the "castle scout mission" is not closed - I forgot to set a plot and conversation flags to close the quest... ie.. you can talk to the castle scout repeatedly after you finished his mission, and he'll give you the mission again. Don't revist the area after you completed it because there are certain doors that require "x amounts of monsters to be killed", or "kill one particular monster" etc.. for it to trigger. If you completed the castle scout mission, you will enter areas which you can't get out. I will fix this in a future update.

- Before installing v.3, please remove all items stored at the Equipment Caretaker. To install, you must delete v.2, therefore, all equipment stored will be deleted.
- Fixed minor bugs, spelling errors, travel dots on the world map, etc..
- Moved the castle location slightly, so it won't conflict with Warden Estate mod.
- Added in 1 NEW adventure, expansion quality - DARKSPAWN INVASION at Castle Cousland. You can START THIS ANY TIME, so no need to rush to begin. Speak to the Castle Scout to begin this adventure. It is NOT a bad idea if you do a main campaign questline first. (Details see below)
- Added in 4 cinematic cutscenes. Took me a while to learn, but it sure is worth the effort!
- Added in a full set of armor for "Rogues" because I noticed I did not have much items suited for rogues. The new armor is "Whitewood tier 4" material with NO attribute requirement, and minor stat boost. It is good for a beginning / mid game set. Armor is obtained after the final battle of Darkspawn Invasion.
- To complete "Storm the Castle" quest, you must now kill everything in the castle, including the guards inside all the rooms. In v.2, you could skip the bedrooms entirely and complete the quest. This is now fixed.
- The rest of the mod remains relatively unchanged.

Adventure: Darkspawn Invasion at Castle Cousland
- Most of the monsters begin at level 10 - 14
- You will encounter "boss" level monsters in this adventure.
- If your computer "lags" during large battles, downgrade your graphics setting. "I" have no problems with lag... but I have a pretty good computer and graphics card.
- You should take some time and improve basic equipment, buy potions, and maybe gain a couple levels after taking over the castle, before you begin the Castle Scout adventure.
- Begin this adventure by speaking to the Castle Scout, in the main hall.
- This adventure will take you across several maps. with TONS of Darkspawns to slay.
- Integrated quest for your journal
- Experience "mass scale" warfare - similar to the battle of Ostagar which we all missed.
- Let your castle guards fight for you.
- Sergeant Loanne and Champion Tianna will fight along side you as well.

As always, report bugs please. Let me know what you guys think of this expansion =)

DISCLAIMER: Yes I know the castle will 'return to normal' at a certain point to let you continue using it as your home. It might not be realistic or whatever. I'm not a professional coder... and I do this for fun. Take it for what it is... enjoy the mod, and don't overly critical about "realism" =) ALSO - I know some cutscenes do not have sound... it is a PAIN IN THE ARSE to add in sound to a cutscnee. You have to add in bits by bits of little sound (bark, roar, metals clinking around etc...) For a short 6 second clip, I had already added in like 100+ sound files. I don't know how Bioware does it, but it is not included in the toolset. Maybe I can add music... but for now, enjoy the silent cutscenes.


As with all .dazip files, remove any old files first. Use DAModManager or equivalent for easy install (google it if you are new to this)

V.2 Patch Notes (uploaded 6/02/2010)
(File size increased dramatically because i'm trying to impliment new features requested by you all.)

- Remember... you are attacking a castle - there are alot of guards. You must think "stealthy". Pull guards around corners. Use empty rooms to hide. There are a few "Patrolling Captains" who will make life hell for you, if you aggro them at the wrong time. If you are the recommended level - and you run around without care, you will aggro the entire castle on you.
- Added 3 new travel "dots" on the main map. Now you can travel from Frostback Mountain, Calenhad Docks, or Denerim... and it wont loop you all over the map =)
- Fixed graphic glitch due to (me) using Improved Atmosphere head morphs - which caused "headless" monsters.
- Fixed level design so there are no more floating flames without the torch.
- Added ambient NPC animation to most of the creatures
- Added in 2 NEW NPC who visits the castle. They branch off new quests for the Grey Warden by referring to my other mods (Temple of Vulak, and King Calenhad's Tomb)
- Fixed castle merchant by reducing the amout of gear they sell, and removed all "unique" items so the game is more balanced.
- Moved monsters around in some areas for better fights (some areas are made easier, some made harder)
- Removed a door that connects to the servant's passage after you claim the castle. This door was not intended to work in V.1... which has now been removed. This door will be patched in the future for another quest update - "Darkspawn invades Castle Calenhad"
- Every guard has a "small chance" to drop their armor / weapon, even Thomas Howe. If you are interested in collecting a full set of armor, you can save and reload and try your luck. Thomas Howe's 2h sword is pretty good for a beginner. Might want to try your luck getting)

This was a pretty big patch fix. The file size went up by alot due to added VO for new conversations, and added ambient animation to most of the creatures in the game. The atmosphere should be MUCH improved. Take a look! This patch was a lot of work, but i'm very happy with the results.


v.1 (uploaded 6/1/2010)

I know EVERYONE is dying to revisit Castle Cousland and avenge the Couslands! This was a very easy mod to make. It's a short adventure - but most importantly, I wanted to give you guys a chance to revisit Castle Cousland, and also have a Castle for yourself!

* Receive a quest to "Storm The Castle". Kill every last of the Howe guards!!
* You will encounter Howe's son, Thomas Howe. His brief conversation makes him very unlikable... You will want to kill him.
* After liberating the castle, return to the castle and claim ownership. YOU GET YOUR OWN "REAL" CASTLE!!!
* Castle comes complete with guards, merchants, and storage.
* DISCLAIMER: The merchants I included will sell EVERY ITEM IN GAME. It is there if people want to abuse it. There are enough mods out there that gives you all the items anyways. If you are a "legit" player, just don't buy the stuff =P
* NPC voice overs - this was done via the voice provided by the toolset. It's... computerized voice. Sorry, but I don't want to do voice overs. Thomas Howe might sound funny =P

* With this mod in place, I can branch out future mods by giving players quest at the castle. I can easily patch in a "quest NPC" who travels to the castle, and start another adventure. This will become my "home base" for mod / quest expansions in the future.


If you are of Noble Origin - you have barely escaped death with Duncan when Arl Howe invaded Castle Cousland. After the battle of Ostagar, you are driven to seek vengeance on Howe. With your new companions, you gather courage - fed by your anger - and head back to Castle Cousland to seek vengeance.

If you are of other Origins - During Ostagar, word at camp was that the noble Teyrn Cousland was betrayed by his best friend Arl Howe. The entire family was slain, and Howe had claimed the castle as their own. After the fall of Ostagar, you remember such tragedy. With your new companions, you travel to Castle Cousland to avenge the Couslands!

...:::ADVENTURE TYPE:::...
You will travel back to Castle Cousland via the world map with your brave companions. Sneak into the castle, kill EVERY SINGLE HOWE and avenge the Couslands! You will receive a quest to Storm The Castle - giving you unlimited opportunities for bloodshed.

...:::INTENDED FOR:::...
I designed this adventure for a beginning party of level 7-9+. You should complete Lothering at least, have a full party, and had a chance to visit a few merchants to get some basic starting gear. This place might be fun if you have completed ONE MAIN CAMPAIGN quest. If you are too high level (10+), you might stomp this place. Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy slaughtering all the Howe guards.

During this adventure, you will gain roughly 1.5 levels. My party of level 7s gained enough XP to get level 9.


Anyways, enjoy my work. This was a very short and easy mod for me to make. It took me less than 3 days from start to finish haha. I first created this because "I" wanted to go back to Castle Cousland and slaughter Howes. Then I decided to release for you guys to play as well.

** I know there is another mod called "Return to Highever" with a similar concept. I had messaged the author of that mod, and he/she said it was too hard of a project, and it was okay for me to pick up the idea. So.... I started this a few nights ago =)


COMMENTS: As always with all my releases, please report bugs in the comment section. I do check comments frequently after I release a mod. I DO THIS FOR FUN, NO OTHER REASON. Therefore, if something is bugged, I will fix it quickly. If you like this mod, or any of my mods, please endorse so more people can find it and get a chance to play it. Other than that SINGLE reason, I do not care for endorsements.


...:::MY OTHER MODS:::...

- "Temple of Vulak"
- "King Calenhad's Tomb"