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Respec, change class, change sex, switch party members anywhere, fix romances, return to Lothering. Have all romances active and become King/Queen with any character.

Permissions and credits
A few useful items that will help you make your game experience your own.

Throw away any items you don't want, to get them back you just need to save your game without the mod active, then reactivate it.

-- Item Descriptions ---

Love Potion No.9 - Romanceable followers only
With the Love Potion it is not only possible but very easy to romance multiple companions. --Now sets romance active no matter the circumstances. Check out my other mod, "Polygamey", for another method of achieving multiple romances.

The Hate Stick - Romanceable followers only
Ends romance with follower.

Machiavellian Tome - Romanceable followers only
Sets or unsets Hardened flag.

Ring of Rebirth - All followers except Shale and Dog
Unspends all skill, talent, attribute, and specialization points (full respec). If you respec a follower who has a specialization you have not yet unlocked on your profile you will not be able to reselect it until you do.

The Genderring - Player Only
Change sex temporarily to pass gender checks in dialog. Meaning you can fool Morrigan and romance her with a female character. Or, Alistair with a male if that's your flavor. You can also marry a certain queen with a female character. --Changing sex also changes body appearance so it looks goofy - to hide this the item will transform you into a Skeleton or a Dryad based on the new gender (see screenshots).

Polymorphous Perversifier - Player only
This item simply performs or undoes the transformation to Skeleton or Dryad done by The Genderring without actually changing your gender.

The Typecaster - All followers except Shale and Dog
Change your dwarf to a mage, or change a crappy warrior into a deadly rogue. --Change your core class (Warrior > Rogue > Mage > etc).

Transmogrification Potion - Player only
Changes the player's origin (cycles through them). This will allow you to marry a certain queen even if you did not begin as a Human Noble. --Using this item may cause dialogs that reference your origin to end abruptly or behave strangely.

Alternate Lothering Portal
Teleports you back to Lothering. Allows you to return for Leliana or Sten or whatever you missed. I advise using it only from camp and not until after you have left Lothering for the first time.

Sycophant Summoner
Change party members anywhere.

-- Install ---
Install this mod using daupdater.exe.

-- Uninstall ---
Uninstall by going to Downloaded Content and unchecking the add-in.

-- Full Uninstall ---
Delete the appropriate folder from "Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns". And delete the corresponding .erf from "Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\data".

-- Upgrading ---
When upgrading you may need to make a clean save by turning off the mod, saving your game, then turning the mod back on.

-- Updates -----

Version 4c
- Love Potion no longer handles hardened flag, and no longer checks break up flags - always sets romance active.
- Machiavellian Tome added, toggles hardened flag.
- Hate Stick added, opposite of Love Potion.

Version 4
- Mod officially renamed to MetaGame Items. Be sure to deactivate "Reroll Rings" if upgrading.

- Includes Alternate-Lothering Portal
- Added skeleton/dryad transformations to The Genderring to avoid some goofyness.
- Includes Polymorphous Perversifier (morph into skeleton/dryad and back)

- Includes Transmogrification Potion (Race & Origin cycler).

- Includes Love Potion item.

Version 3
- Now supports Warden Keep DLC abilites (class change).

Version 2
- Merged the three rings into single mod.

-- Compatibility ---
All of my mods are 100% standalone scripts. No vanilla data is modified in any way.

-- Known Issues -----

Items become bugged when used by Shale or Dog.

- David Arneson (xatmos)