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Here I will place requested headmorph files, either .mop or .mor depending on the request. These will utilize PineappleTree's Vibrant Colors and Kzelsama's More Hairstyles mods.
UPDATE: I also recommend using LOTC's Default Eye Texture mod. It's not required, but does provide much better eyes.
UPDATE: for some faces these two mods will also be needed:
tmp's tucked hairstyles and WolfheartHU's Got My Hair-On My Face

For .mop files for the chargen I will use an arbitrary number for the preset it replaces. To change the file to a specific preset, rename the file YY_cps_pXX.mop where YY stands for the race/gender I will list below and XX is the number preset 01 to 09. Note that you cannot mix races I.E put a human face on an elf body for example.

hm = human male
hf = human female
em = elf male
ef = elf female
dm = dwarf male
df = dwarf female

Added Michelle Forbes. File includes mop and two mrh files. There are two versions. The mop is version 2, and there is a mrh.bak for version one. To access the v1 file, just rename the file removing the .bak from the file.

Added the LOTR headpack. Please check the pic for the listing of who goes where, and this is also included with the download. There are three male mops files for the CC and the rest are mor files to replace several key npc's. The only change from the original request was that I could not make Boromir as Sten, so he was placed instead as Duncan. YOU WILL NEED tmp's tucked hairstyles mod and WolfheartHU's Got My Gair-On My Face mods to make at least three of the faces work. Also, due to a lack of good male hair mods, I used hairstyles for the males that looked close to what the character looked like in the movies. Enjoy.

Added Richard Gere's look from the movie First Knight. File includes mop and mrh files.

Added an elven version of Mel Gibson using his look from the first two Lethal Weapon movies. As usual the file contains mrh and mop files.

Added Gatsu from the manga Beserk. This is only the facial structure as I don't have the modelling skills to make the hair or scars. The requester is aware of this, so the file contains the mop and mrh so that he has at least the face shape down, and can recruit other modders to help finish the look. (similar plan as the Blade face that started this mood)

Added Claudia Black, the voice actor for Morrigan. The file contains a mop for the CC, mor to replace Morrigan, and the mrh file. The eyes for Morrigan are the normal hazel color that was in the various reference pictures for Claudia Black.

You will also need the tucked hairstyles mod for this face (http://social.bioware.com/project/2595/)in addition PT's Vibrant colors listed above as this uses the Morrigan style hair from the mod.

Added Captain Kirk as portrayed by William Shatner in the original '60's series. File includes mop and mrh files.

Added a face based off the Dalish concept art for DA. This is just the face, no tatoos. The tatoos in the screens are from using a Dalish character for testing. The requester is looking for authors to make the same tatoos as the concept art has. The mrh file is also included should such an artist desire to accept the challenge of making the tatoos.

Added Human version of Princess Leia. Started with longer hair per the requester's choice, then changed to Morrigan style hair. (this is adjustable in the CC)

Had a double request for Princess Leia of the original Star Wars movies. One human, and one elf. The human version is not yet ready as I have run into issues making it look right. Releasing the elven version today. The screenshots are using a Dalish character to test, so please understand the tatoos are not part of the morph. Lighting in the Dalish origin also washes some of the colors out, so the hair will be darker than appears in these screens and matches her color in other parts of the trilogy beyond the reference shot. I will post the human version once I get a better look for her.

Added Elven version of Liv Tyler similar to her look in the Lord of the Rings movies. This is version one.

Added Lightning version one from the Final Fantasy franchise.

I had a request for my version of Gorim for use as a playable character. I have uploaded a mop file here for that purpose. The file will still be called Gorim, and just rename the file to dm_cps_pXX where XX is the preset you want to replace.

Added a human version of littlemonchichi. Will need WolfheartHU's Got My Hair-On My Face mod to complete the look.

Added Chiana from Farscape version 1. File includes mop and mrh files.

Added Ezio from Assasins Creed sans facial scar. File includes mop and mor files.
Added Chopper Reid younger version. File includes mop,mor, and mrh files. Will also need the Got My Hair-On My Face mod recently created by WolfheartHU.

Added version one of Faramir from the LOTR movies. File included mor and mop files.

Added a dwarven version of littlemonchichi. Since he is not a celebrity or public person, I am using the same rule as I did for the head resembling his wife and not posting a comparison shot.

Added Nero version one from Devil May Cry 4. I do not have the correct hairstyle, and the mod that did exist for it on the Nexus is not longer here. Used a feathered hairstyle which is the closest I have from More Hairstyles. The mop is adjustable in the CC should you have the Nero Hairstyle already downloaded.

Added Ashley Greene version one. The file contains the usual .mrh and .mop files. Also included is a generic .mor file that can be renamed to replace any human female character in the game.
UPDATE: added version 2 of Ashley Greene. File includes mop, mrh, and 2 mor files, first with requested Sacred Ashes hair and second with same hair from version 1.

Added version one of Kristin Davis.

Have two more requests for celebrity look-a-likes. First up is Natalie Portman. Got to get some sleep, and will work on Kristin Davis in the morning. Natalie Portman is version one and includes .mop and .mrh files.

Added Geralt of Rivia from Witcher. The eye texture and use of default hair are at the requesters choice. This is version one, and the file includes both .mop and .mrh files.

Updated HeathJoker with version 2. The files includes mop, mrh, and a mor file to replace Alistair. (the mor can be renamed to use however you wish to replace whomever you desiire)
Added Prince of Persia as portrayed by Jake Gylenhall(sp) in the new movie. This is version one.
UPDATE: Now at version two.

littlemonchichi was my first requester with the Blade face. He returns with a request for a face matching his wife. Listed as mrslittlemonchichi, and I will not post his reference picture since she is not someone in the public eye such as a celebrity or make believe like some of the game faces I have made.
Added a Joker based on Heath Ledger's look from the Dark Knight movie. This is a version 1, and the file includes mop and mrh files. The makeup from the mrh did not transfer to the mop file, not sure why except it has to be something with the chargen and male characters.

Added a version of Bastila Shan from KOTOR based on the game face. The old face was pretty featureless, so tried to add some small features to her to make her look more realistic. This is version one.

Added Wolverine that was created and donated by WolfheartHU. UPDATE: added screenshots for this face.
To install this morph you can add all files to the override, or create a folder in the override to place the files into. It includes custom facial hair that goes with the face. Those custom files, if wanted seperately,can be found here:

I have given WolfheartHU access to also post some of his work here. Hopefully we can see his Wolverine face soon. ;)

Made a morph resembling the Joker from the old comic books, not the movies. (Working on this gave me the idea to remake Vaughan in my other mod) The file includes both mop and mrh files. Requester understood that I did not have option for green hair, but was fine with it because he did. Also, the makeup from the mrh file did not transfer to the mop file. Not sure why.

Uploaded both elf and human versions of Bastila Shan from the KOTOR games based on the box cover image. For the elven version, I could not get the skin texture I wanted in the toolset, so to match the screenshot move the skin complexion slider in the CC to the same position as the screenshot that is included with the file.
Also updated with Emma Watson version 2.

First up of four new requests is an elven version of Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil games not the movies. Working on a human version of Emma Watson from the Harry Potter movies, and both elvan and human versions for Bastila Shan from KOTOR using the box cover as reference, not the ingame face.
UPDATE: added version one for Emma Watson. Hairstyle was requester's choice.

I have a friend who is also a fan of the Half Life series, and has just started playing DAO and DAA. She wanted to play as Alyx Vance and have Gordon Freeman as Alistair. I have incuded with both files the .mrh for use with the toolset. The hairstyle and darker skin tone for Alyx was based on my friend's preference.

Updated Nicole preset to version 2. Fixed the eyes, brows, and raised the cheekbones a little.

Added a requested .mop file of Shang Tsung from Mortal Combat. This is version 1 human male.

I had a friend request an Elven version of Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls and Dancing With the Stars fame. I am at a point where I need some fresh eyes to see just how close I am. I a releasing version 1 for some people to test and let me know what they think. I don't expect an exact likeness due to the elven features, but I want to get as close as I can. Thanks.

Blade Version 2 is now in full swing in use with Project Daywalker WIP. WolfheartHU is designing and applying the tattoos that Blade wore in the movies. littlmonchichi, WolfheartHU,and myself are members of the team for that project, and anyone interested in helping design the swords, armor, and hair for the project are welcome. littlemonchichi is organizing the people for the project, so if interested please contact him and let him know what you want to contribute.

A requested .mop for resembling Wesley Snipes from the Blade movies. The currently is preset 7 in the chargen.
Included an optional .mrh file for use with the toolset. You are welcome to use this on the basis you credit me for the base work.