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Adds a new console command: Additem

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Name: AddItem Script - Console
Version: 1.1
Date: 4/26/2010
Category: Items and Objects (for player characters)
Author: hdhd
Source: http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1131

This is just a small script to add items. To enable the console look at the page http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Console

Normally a script file has a size of only a couple kb but my script is 205kb heavy (2013 items). This is because I had to add a custom StringToResource function since Bioware didn't add one to the toolset. I generated the item list via a php script. I don't know if there's a better solution, but that was the only one I could think of.

Supported Items
All items from:
Official (everything):
Dragon Age Origins
Dragon Age Awakening
Return to Ostagar
The Stone Prisoner
Warden's Keep
Amulet of the War Mage
Band of Fire
Blood Dragon Armour
Bregan's Bow (for Origins/Awakening)
Bulwark of the True King (for Origins/Awakening)
Collector's Edition (Bergen's Honor, Grimoire of the Frozen Wastes, Final Reason)
Dalish Promise Ring
Embri's Many Pockets
Feastday Gifts
Feastday Pranks
Feral Wolf Charm
Guildmaster's Belt
Helm of the Deep
Mark of Vigilance
Memory Band
Pearl of the Anointed (for Origins/Awakening)
The Edge
The Lion's Paw
The Lucky Stone
The Wicked Oath

Inofficial Add-Ins (some popular ones only):
Mord-Sith Armour
Armor of the Devout
Grey Warden Runic Armor
Orator Vestments
Rashanta's Armory
Leliana Item Set
AMY Outfit

1. Copy the ncs file to "My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override"

runscript additem
- Resource of item to add to inventory
- Amount of this item to add to inventory

To get the item tag open the toolset, click on items and then on _Global. If you don't have the toolset you have to guess what name your item could have. It helps looking at my small item list e.g gen_im_manual_berserker then is logically the spec spirithealer = gen_im_manual_spirithealer.uti.

For amulets:gen_im_acc_amu_am6.uti, gen_im_acc_amu_am7.uti etc.
For belts: gen_im_acc_blt_and.uti, gen_im_acc_blt_c1a.uti, gen_im_acc_blt_c1b.uti etc.
For rings: gen_im_acc_rng_r02.uti, gen_im_acc_rng_r03.uti etc.
Awakening prefix: gxa_ (e.g gxa_im_manual_battlemage.uti)
Origins prefix:gen_ (e.g gen_im_acc_rng_r11.uti)

Also opening the itemlist can give you an idea. Maybe you will recognize the item you want to add.

runscript additem agiel_weapon.uti 1 Agiel Weapon from Mord-Sith Armour Add-in
runscript additem gen_im_gift_wine.uti 1 Wine (Gift for Wynne)
runscript additem gen_im_manual_assassin.uti 1 Specialization Assassin (Rogue)
runscript additem gen_im_manual_bard.uti 1 Specialization Bard (Rogue)
runscript additem gen_im_manual_berserker.uti 1Specialization Berserker (Warrior)
runscript additem gen_im_misc_backpack.uti 44x Backpack

Small Item List
Gold Ring gen_im_acc_rng_gld.uti
Silver Ringgen_im_acc_rng_r02.uti
Emerald Ring gen_im_acc_rng_r03.uti
Iron Ring gen_im_acc_rng_r14.uti
Dalish Boots gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_dal.uti
Splint Mail Bootsgen_im_arm_bot_med_spl.uti
Dalish Armor gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_dal.uti
Splint Mailgen_im_arm_cht_med_spl.uti
Dalish Gloves gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_dal.uti
Splint Mail Gloves gen_im_arm_glv_med_spl.uti
Leather Helm gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_ltr.uti
Helmet gen_im_arm_hel_med_hel.uti
Clan Shieldgen_im_arm_shd_sml_cln.uti
Glamour Charm gen_im_cft_reg_charm.uti
Elfroot gen_im_cft_reg_elfroot.uti
Fire Crystal gen_im_cft_reg_firecrystal.uti
Frostrock gen_im_cft_reg_frostrock.uti
Lifestone gen_im_cft_reg_lifestone.uti
Frozen Lightninggen_im_cft_reg_lightning.uti
Deep Mushroom gen_im_cft_reg_mushroom.uti
Spirit Shard gen_im_cft_reg_spiritshard.uti
Creature Venom gen_im_cft_reg_venom.uti
Copper gen_im_copper.uti
Amethyst gen_im_gem_ame.uti
Diamond gen_im_gem_dia.uti
Emerald gen_im_gem_emr.uti
Fluorspar gen_im_gem_flu.uti
Garnet gen_im_gem_gar.uti
Malachite gen_im_gem_mal.uti
Quartz gen_im_gem_qrt.uti
Sapphire gen_im_gem_sap.uti
Lesser Healing Poultice gen_im_qck_health_101.uti
Health Poultice gen_im_qck_health_201.uti
Greater Health Poultice gen_im_qck_health_301.uti
Potent Health Poultice gen_im_qck_health_401.uti
Apothecary Kit gen_im_qck_injury_101.uti
Physician Kit gen_im_qck_injury_201.uti
Field Triage Kitgen_im_qck_injury_301.uti
Incense of Awareness gen_im_qck_misc_102.uti
Swift Salvegen_im_qck_misc_201.uti
Lesser Ice Salvegen_im_qck_resistance_101.uti
Lesser Warmth Balm gen_im_qck_resistance_102.uti
Lesser Elixir of Grounding gen_im_qck_resistance_103.uti
Lesser Nature Salve gen_im_qck_resistance_104.uti
Lesser Spirit Balm gen_im_qck_resistance_105.uti
Greater Ice Salvegen_im_qck_resistance_301.uti
Greater Warmth Balm gen_im_qck_resistance_302.uti
Greater Elixir of Grounding gen_im_qck_resistance_303.uti
Greater Nature Salve gen_im_qck_resistance_304.uti
Greater Spirit Balm gen_im_qck_resistance_305.uti
Blank Vellum gen_im_trash_blank.uti
Private Documentsgen_im_trash_private.uti
Trade Manifest gen_im_trash_trade.uti
Engraved Silver Bowl gen_im_treas_engsilvbwl.uti
Fancy Vasegen_im_treas_fancyvase.uti
Silk Carpetgen_im_treas_silkcarp.uti
Silver Chalice gen_im_treas_silvchal.uti
Expert Paralyze Rune gen_im_upg_cry_exp_par.uti
Journeyman Paralyze Rune gen_im_upg_cry_jny_par.uti
Novice Paralyze Rune gen_im_upg_cry_nov_par.uti
Expert Cold Iron Rune gen_im_upg_run_exp_cir.uti
Expert Slow Runegen_im_upg_run_exp_slw.uti
Journeyman Cold Iron Rune gen_im_upg_run_jny_cir.uti
Journeyman Slow Rune gen_im_upg_run_jny_slw.uti
Novice Cold Iron Rune gen_im_upg_run_nov_cir.uti
Novice Slow Runegen_im_upg_run_nov_slw.uti
Ash Axe gen_im_wep_mel_axe_ash.uti
Dal'Thanu gen_im_wep_mel_axe_dal.uti
Dar'Misu gen_im_wep_mel_dag_dar.uti
Elf-Flight Arrowgen_im_wep_rng_amm_elf.uti
Fire Arrowgen_im_wep_rng_amm_far.uti
Ice Arrow gen_im_wep_rng_amm_iar.uti
Dalish Longbow gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_dal.uti
Scout's Bowgen_im_wep_rng_sbw_sct.uti
Lyrium Dust gen_im_cft_reg_lyriumdust.uti
Lesser Lyrium Potion gen_im_qck_mana_101.uti

Recommended add-in
Make CONSOLE commands visible - http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1110

1.1, 2010/04/26 - Added all official add-ins incl. Awakening and some popular inofficial add-ins (in total 2013 items)
1.0, 2010/04/25 - Initial release, added only Origins.

You can find me on DragonAgeNexus as 'hdhd'

Thanks to Bioware for creating Dragon Age: Origins.
Thanks to dragonagenexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.

Tools Used
Dragon Age Toolset - http://dragonage.bioware.com/toolset/
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp
PHP (for generating item list) - http://php.net/