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adds light class chest,gloves,boots,rapier(as longsword) to in-game.

Permissions and credits
* Make sure the file name and try again.
* Correct dazip names are R18PN_AMY_AM_CORE_1.0.22.dazip and R18PN_AMY_AM_ADAPT_EP1_1.0.11.dazip
* However, because of my mistake in the game to v1.01 will be displayed.

R18PN 04 - AMY AM SET (Author NPR)


NPR(aka KURUSE) is author of this creature. He is work in Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion. This outfit is really beautiful work among his works. According to the description, it is inspired SOUL CALIBUR IV.
I adapted it to the DA:O that would work only.

This MOD are completely not true to the in-game style.

Every time, LOAD GAME is to created the WISH STONE(Cheat Item). If you use it, which will be a conversation. Through this conversation certainly can get the item you wish.

Item Power Rule:
* This items varies depending on your equipped items.



7. Included LOD3 files.
6. Fixed CollisionObjects.
5. Refixed the skin tone for elves and humans.


4. Change the item power rule.
3. Added the remove unused item on WishStone.
2. Renewed to vary wrapped the scarf and colors.
1. Fixed the skin tone (hf_100-copy_t.dds)

Known Bugs :
This MOD is made for DA:O ver 1.03, if you are using lower version it may cause trouble. You would keep the latest version.


If game patch lees than v1.03, they can error .

* Awakening player need to install both, core and adapt.

1) Extract this zip file.
2) Use DAUpdater.exe or DAModder.exe

* To install a DAZIP so that your game can use it, either double-click on it (if the file type has been associated with the DAUpdater program) or go to the bin_ship directory where your game executable is and run DAUpdater.exe manually.



Bioware's toolset.
ChewyGumball's DA:O Toolset Model Exporter v1.0.1
Eshme's Model and Animation Import Export 3dsmax Gmax v4.04 <<< Very Good! Powerful Import tool <<<

- From Dargon Ages Origin MOD

Adriangi for creation meshes and textures. (Realistic look)
NewByPower for creation meshes and textures. (Natural Bodies)

- From Elder Scroll 4 MOD

NPR for creation meshes and textures. (R18PN 04 - Amy AM Set S M L size for HGEC v1.6)
Shayaryn for creation textures. (UFF Amy AM Set)

---------------------------------------------- Edited by glee(http://glee.pe.kr)