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*a mod to extend Ejoslin's ZDF and more!

Version 2.2c:
*fixed a problem where the Elf Female Alistair kisses wouldn't quite trigger properly. Thanks Addai!! and Thanks Cmessaz!
Version 2.2b:
*fixed a problem where dialogue ended abruptly after ending your kiss with Alistair. Sorry about that!
*forgot to include the female elf kiss for Alistair, it's been fixed, please re-download if you got the earlier version.
*removed an alistair script that made it incompatible with Equal Love.
Version 2.2:
Alistair gatekisses for standard kiss, in-love kiss and ritual-refused kiss for all race/gender combos.
New party_dialogue file now includes kisses for all companions (though the ones i have not yet done are only set up with a simple extended kiss that may include clipping until it has been redone)
Loghain kisses redone.

Known issues
- CLIPPING! I am still working on this problem so expect updates. It's difficult to see what will clip in the game with different armors since the toolset armor is very light.
- Not all kisses are done. Be patient, i will update ASAP!


How do I install the mod?
1. Dump all the files into your Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override folder
2. OR use the .override file with a mod manager
3. No plans for a DAZip right now, sorry.

HELP! It doesn't work! I don't see kisses!
You likely have another mod that has its own party_events.dlg and party_events.dlb files. Check to see if any of your other mods (namely ZDF or Morrigan Restoration patches) are active, and simply remove their party_events.dlg/dlb so mine will take over. Don't worry, we are all using Ejoslin's ZDF base files, so you will still get all the same changes!

How does it work? When does he kiss me?
At the end of the game when you speak with Riordan at the final gate scene and say goodbye to everyone, you will be prompted with a new dialogue (courtesy of EJOSLIN'S AMAZING Zevran Dialogue Fix!!). If you are in love with Zevran, you will then be kissed. Have a screenshot finger ready!

What does this mod do?
Adds brand new long kiss scenes to the last conversation you have with the companions that you are in love with. Good for screenshots and a final farewell. You can be in a romance or in-love to trigger some of the final kisses. Additionally, if a warden is to die, Alistair has a special kiss.

Videos of the kisses:
Thanks so much to these kind folks for making videos! If you made a video, please let me know and I will post it! =)
Saturn Celeste's Human male + Zevran, Morrigan and Alistair kisses
Sannox's Loghain kiss
Sannox's Last kiss (EM + Zevran)
Saturn Celeste aka Lady Moiraine (EM + Zevran)
Sannox's (DF + Zevran)
Charsen's human male kiss added to ejoslin's Zevran Dialog Fix (HM + Zev) video by Ejoslin!
Charsen's dwarf male kiss added to ejoslin's Zevran Dialog Fix (DM+Zev) video by Ejoslin!
Charsen's dwarf female kiss added to ejoslin's Zevran Dialog Fix (DF+Zev) video by Ejoslin!
Charsen's elf female kiss added to ejoslin's Zevran Dialog Fix video by Ejoslin!
Charsen human female kiss added to Zevran Dialog Fix video by Ejoslin!
Dragon Age Spoiler Revised Final Companion Dialogue at the Gates-Gay Male Elf - Galenhad (EM+Zev) by Saturn Celeste!

Thanks guys!! <3

Do I need Dialogue Tweaks? Should I use DT?
Well, Dialogue Tweaks is perhaps one of the most essential mods for the game, in my humble opinion. But you be the judge and see for yourself.

Do I need Ejoslin's Zevran Dialogue Fix too?
Like DT, Ejoslin has fixed a ton of things in the game. I'd recommend her mod even if it wasn't needed. Having said that, the best way for you to install my mod is to install ZDFfirst, then overwrite her mod with mine. Be sure to replace her files with mine. I should have included her most recent changes, so yours will still carry all of the EJ goodness, just with extra kisses.

Having said that, I believe i have included everything in my mod that is from ZDF, but it is still my recommendation that you simply install hers first, then have mine overwrite hers.

Compatible with most mods. I did include kisses for all race/gender combinations even if they were not included in the standard game, e.g. male + Alistair, female + Morrigan. If you use a mod like Equal Love, it should (in theory) work as long as you let my files overwrite any of theirs (if needed).

Known incompatible mods:
Any mod that has its own party_events.dlg will be incompatible, except for the following known to work:
* Ejoslin's Zevran Dialogue Fix, Terra_ex's Morrigan Restoration Patch Dialogue Fixpack.
*Just let my party_events.dlg and .dlb files overwrite theirs.

Recommended Zevran Mods:
Morrigan Restoration Patch Dialog Fixpack by Terra_ex!! This is not required, but it will enhance your love experience with your witchy lady.
Romance Scenes Combined WIP by cmessaz: Alistair dialogue fixes combined with ZDF!
My ZevranASAP: Get Zevran earlier!
My ZevRING: Restores Zevran's proposal ring[/url]
Ejoslin's Gates Dialog Fix: Fixes the broken dialogue at the end of the game so you can get his "in love" dialogue instead of his "friendship" dialogue! **If you use my "Full Version" then do not use both! But please visit her page and leave comments and feedback.
Ejoslin's City Elf Romance Alienage - Fix Shianni's dialogue!
Ejoslin's Leliana Your Dialogue Fix - Fix Leliana's romance!

* EJOSLIN!! Huge thanks to Ejoslin for making the Zevran Dialogue Fix and asking me to help with the kisses. It has been a fun project and I am really glad i could help. PLEASE visit her mod pages for updates and details about all her hard work.
* MANY THANKS to Terra_ex, who has been invaluable in helping me recover from toolset crashes and the terrible StringID problems.
* Special thanks to my beta testers Cuddlezarro, Ejoslin, Nonvita, Soignee, Sannox, Sami Jo, Aroihkin, Tellervo and others[/color] from the "What's the (Romantic) appeal of Zevran" thread at the bioware social site!
* And thanks to CZ for making me want to make these kisses. <3

2.2a-c ALPHA: Bug fixes
2.2 ALPHA: Second release to general public
2.1 ALPHA: New party_events, all-new Alistair kisses, all-new Loghain kiss
2.0 ALPHA: Added Morrigan, Leliana, Loghain, Alistair. Reduced to ALPHA due to crash.
1.1 BETA : Removed excess files generated by compiling ZDF
1.0 BETA : First release to general public
0.9 ALPHA: Added kiss to all dialogue branches
0.8 ALPHA: Adjusted Elven Male kiss
0.7 ALPHA: Adjusted Human Male kiss
0.6 ALPHA: Dwarven Male kiss
0.5 ALPHA: Dwarven Female kiss
0.4 ALPHA: Elven Female kiss
0.3 ALPHA: Human Female kiss
0.2 ALPHA: Elven Male kiss
0.1 ALPHA: Human Male kiss only, stage adjusted, added to party_events