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A group of eight new spells for Arcane Warriors as requested by EthrenDiak. These have been fairly well tested by the community now, but if you find any issues, please let me know

There's an alternate version now available too which allows you to use your own weapon or shield in the off-hand instead of the energy orbs.

The spells include:
- Shielding Energy: A base level spell, acting as a shield and allowing the use of other abilities.
- Telekinetic Strike: Basically a ranged shield bash with bonus damage, requires Shielding Energy to be active.
- Force Mend: Modal Ability that increases defense and heals the caster whilst draining their mana. Also reduces fatigue by 15% at all times.
- Force Blast: Strikes an opponent three times, on the third strike, a powerful blast of energy is released, stunning all nearby opponents and dealing large amounts of damage. Requires Shielding Energy to be active.

- Piercing Energy: A base level spell, acting as a dagger and allowing the use of other abilities
- Fade Pummel: Strikes three times, attempting to knock the opponent over on the third strike.
- Fade Strike: Strikes twice, the first has a chance of stunning, the second causes bonus spirit damage if the first strike stunned
- Fade Mastery: Gives a bonus to Magic, Attack and Defense as well as increasing the effects of some other abilities.

Added compatibility with Special Respecialisations mod, so you can now respec the Arcane Warrior - Plus spells if you download that mod.

Old Source code is available here on the Bioware Social Network. Includes scripts, items, GDAs and VFX project files.