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Added: 12/04/2010 - 01:38PM
Updated: 07/08/2010 - 10:56AM

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Rashanta's Armory v1.5a


The ide of that Armory was born at TES EyeCandy forum inspired by one of paintings/request. It started with one design and now grows with other new fully custom ones.


# 1 Light Armor

# 1 Tunic (Light Armor)

# 1 Ringmail

# 1 Battle Robe

# 1 Heavy Armor

OPTIONALS (No support for those)

# Ringmail without the cape

# Light armor with a skirt

# Light armor with a cape

Work In Progres

# Long skirt Battle robe (WIP)

# Arcane Warrior Mail (WIP)

(Be aware that WIP armors might dirasticly differ after
realease from the WIP screenshots)

WIP Armors are suspended atm as i got no time to even scratch my head ...

All armors provide support for human and elf females only atm no dwarfs yet


All armors will be added to your inventory when loading the mod on already existing save in OC. If not there is a script to add items to your inventory.Awakening and Witch Hunt users will most likely have to use the runscript command to get the items (atelast for me they didnt loaded on new save so i had to use the runscript command).

Type "runscript rashantas_armory" - be sure to type it properly and without the quotes

All the armors are nonreplacers. If there will be enough feedback i will include replacer as well.

If you feel those armors are overpowered, there is a wonderfull mod i recommend to anyone and its called Winter Forge. Search for it on Nexus



v1.5a Fixed the negative bonuses on Tunic Armor. Sorry guys my fault
v1.5 Fixed Robe neck hole, should work with awakening now, added Dagger. Due to mod rewriting you might experience doubled items in inventory now if your using older releases.
v1.4 Added Heavy Armor
v1.3 Added Tunic to the set
v1.2b Added console script, fixed som rigging with the RingMail
v1.2 Added Battle Robe to the mod
v1.1c Removed 2 variations of armors and made them optional(instuctions in "Optional Files" folder, no support for those they are optional only), fixed some rigging, new arm guards for light armor, changed ID's for beter compatybility with other mods.
v1.1b Fixed some rigging issues added Female Elf support
v1.1 Added RingMail to the mod
v1.0 Initial release



Some minor cliping or rigging issues
No LOD files yet so you will experience distortions when viewing from a far

others ? if you find any post them



Coolman for the dagger mesh
NewByPower for the blender import/export script.
adriangi for the Realisctic Look body mod.
Lord Thing for the help with the script

If i forgot anyone or put incorect credits pls notice me about it so i can fix that ;)



You can do whatever you wish with those models as long as you include proper credits.

$ Fraper