Dragon Age: Origins
The Fade 2

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  1. Qessanea
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    Thank you both for the tips; I'll try them out in the future
  2. MPetros
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    To take shots without Player in the frame I use the console command  "Runscript appearance 14" to become a Wisp. 

    Afterwards just use  "Runscript appearance -1" to change back to normal.

    PS: Every time I get to that part I wish I could just climb aboard and "Sail the Fade"
  3. Ashhawk
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    Everyone looks great! oWo I believe there is a way to make your warden invisible temporarily here - it says you have to be a female human but I'm pretty sure it should work for any race as long as you're female, since it just exploits the fact that there's no female qunari model.