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The Fade is the realm of dreams -and the Land of the Dead.
But George Clooney is nowhere to be found.
Maybe Wolfgang Petersen and George A. Romero got into a bit of a tiff, since this Perfect Storm is taking place in the Land of the Dead.
Am I still dreaming?
Well, since I am no mage, I must be.
So hi ho Silver -that's my night mare.

[yes, I'm fully aware that horses have nothing to do with the word "nightmare"; funny thing though, in Dutch "nightmare" has a fairly literal translation: "nachtmerrie". Night = Nacht, Mare = Merrie.
In Old English a "Mare" was thought to be an evil spirit or demon that would ride on your chest while you slept, causing a feeling of suffocation. And there's plenty of Demons in the Fade, so.....]