When I made this cuddle pic of Tamlen and my Warden from their last night together, I broke my own heart haha

This video was a pet project of mine that I started months ago and I finally finished it :)

It's the story of my canon Dalish Warden Mahariel and how she lost the first man she ever loved, Tamlen. She still blames herself for what happened, for not making Tamlen leave the cave before they reached the mirror. She will never stop loving him, even if she had to move on and help fight the Blight.

She lost all the people she loved in a matter of days and it will leave scars on her heart forever. And then months later having to kill Tamlen (after she already thought he was dead) and then watch him die in her arms was one of the hardest things she's ever had to do, and that includes fighting the darkspawn.

I, myself, will never get over Tamlen. It's a story in Dragon Age that will always be dear to my heart. I hope other Tamlen lovers like me will enjoy this.

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