Dragon Age: Origins
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  1. makara5656
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    Riley looks fearsome. But hot. :O
  2. Skaramoosh
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    • 981 posts
    • 132 kudos
    My goodness, she looks so awesome!!
    1. Risibisi
      • premium
      • 15,345 posts
      • 242 kudos
      She is really awesome. A unique design for a Cousland brat. Ilike it...not the usually" looking beautiful"! A nice change!
    2. Qessanea
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      • 121 kudos
      Yes, what Risi said. I'm used to dainty little princess Couslands, but here is a real warrior! The Aveline outfit with those arm muscles really completes the look.

      I'm suddenly feeling inspired to go to the Toolset ...
    3. makara5656
      • member
      • 3,789 posts
      • 129 kudos
      Oh, I don't know about that Qessie wessie.
      If all my years of games and movies (and a few years of training myself) have taught me anything, is that a true warrior has something to do with their heart rather than appearance. Just sayin...