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Makes The Holt a better level.

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The Holt Improvements

Makes The Holt a better level.


• Light Version:
   -Adds portals between each large platforming section.
   -Removes tentacles.
• Normal Version:
   -Light Version features.
   -Increases the respawn time for enemies during the boss fight.
   -Greatly reduces the boss battle eye's health.
   -Increases BFG splash and tracers damage to possessed enemies during the boss fight.
• Full Version:
   -Normal Version features.
   -Replaces blood angels with arachnotrons (for those who don't like blood angels).
   -Replaces blood angels during the boss fight with maykr drones.
   -Reduces the spirit killing time.
   -Eliminates the damage caused by the electrified pillars.
   -Eliminates the turrets.

Special thanks to elizabethany for all the help!
(An UAC Atlantica and a Blood Swamps version should be coming soon!)