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Enhances and/or reworks all the major fights in the Arc Complex Master Level

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This mod takes all the major fights in the Arc Complex Master Level, and adds on top them (varies by encounter). The purple goo also no longer impairs you movement, ie. you can dash, jump, move at full speed in the goo.

While not essential to the function of the mod, the Inferno Lord's head FX will be positioned wrong unless Inferno Marauder Head FX Tag Reposition is used.

Re: Crashing
I know that the mod has been crashing for some people, but I'm under the impression that Arc Complex is just crash happy in general, a problem that is not unique to the mod. As a temporary workaround, here are various commands that will allow you to skip ahead in the level.
  • Outside of parking garage, in open lot in front of convention centre: teleportposition -30.03 -57.49 15.16 48; trigger master_level_encounter_manager_hub_zombies
  • Right before plane crash: teleportposition 216.97 -103.09 91.16 224
  • Before using elevator button, before the restaurant fight: teleportposition 62.51 -123.81 118.66 180
  • After firing first turret, in the large basement: teleportposition -40.869999 37.779999 -47.689999 0
  • After firing second turret, jsut before the parking garage, teleportposition -82.080002 16.740000 21.160000 266
  • Before the Marauder fight at end, before using the lift: teleportposition -7.100000 217.139999 13.660000 220

Version 3
  • Fixed bug where upon restarting from checkpoint, the first Marauder would attack immediately
  • Fixed music trigger for the encounter in the open lot in front of the convention centre
  • Fixed music trigger for the encounter in the large basement room (Baron bursts through floor at the end)
  • Added Archvile in convention centre fight, spawns when any 3 (super) heavy demons are killed. Uses the Kaiju skin
  • Reworked the end of the parking garage fight. Added Whiplashes, Prowlers, Mancubi, Arachnotrons, Dread Knights, Revenants, Maykr Drones, and two more Doom Hunters
  • Also added portal at the bottom floor that teleports you to the upper level.

Version 2

  • Adjusted fodder spawns for the last wave of the fight in the basement (the fight where a Baron jumps through the floor at the end). The min & max respawn delays have been bumped to 6 seconds (same had previously ranged from 2 - 4 seconds). The amount of fodder that spawns has not been adjusted
  • Fixed some syntax errors (should be unrelated to the crashes, but who knows?)
  • First Marauder uses the Imperial skin
  • Dual Marauders use the Frost and Gold skins
  • Buffed Marauder uses the Inferno Lord skin
  • The portal after the restaurant fight that takes you to the first turret, now skips the entire turret sequence. Portal has also been changed to yellow so you know which one.
  • Add pink portal just before taking the lift up to the second turret. This too skips the turret sequence.
  • With both turret skips, the tentacles will be destroyed, but the the yellow breakable decal still remains.

Reworked/Modified Encounters


The most up to date installation instructions and mod tools can be found in the Doom 2016+ Modding Discord: