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Two sound packs that make the Heavy Cannon feel true to its name at last.

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The Heavy Cannon's sounds, while inherently very good and befitting of Eternal's sound design, often leave much to be desired and not living up to the weapon's namesake. These two sound packs seek to make the Heavy Cannon befitting of its name, sounding much more powerful and distinct while remaining true to the original weapon.

The first sound pack utilizes sounds from the burst-fire Pistol, cut from Doom Eternal before release. These sounds are much punchier and impactful, retaining the bass-y, booming effects often found in Eternal's sound design (and as such not standing out too much, true to the original). Changed sounds include the primary fire, Precision Bolt (basic and mastered), and Micro Missiles (basic and Primary Charger-powered).

The second sound pack utilizes sounds from both the cut Pistol and the 2016 Heavy Assault Rifle, resulting in a much sharper and mechanical sound akin to a belt-fed weapon like the Heavy Cannon as well as its predecessor. While this results in a slightly more obtrusive sound, it nonetheless feels like a beast to fire, making the Heavy Cannon feel like a true heavy assault weapon. Changed sounds include the primary fire, Precision Bolt (basic and mastered), and Micro Missiles (basic and Primary Charger-powered, the latter of which very subtly utilizes sounds from the 2016 Pistol).

Unfortunately, the Heavy Cannon suffers from a bug that causes the primary fire sound to play every now and then despite having sound mods, as such not every shot is replaced. However, I utilized the vanilla Heavy Cannon sounds for the primary fire and attempted to make the sounds as faithful yet distinct as possible, hopefully masking the issue.

Thanks to YaPalAl on Discord for helping with testing and conceptualization (particularly for the 2016-style sounds)!


Installation Instructions (Windows & Steam, paraphrased from the Discord channel):

1) Download archive from the Doom 2016+ Modding Discord server here, and extract its contents to your DOOM Eternal installation's root directory, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DOOMEternal\. 

These are all the files you should end up with.



2) Download or Beefier_HC_2016 and simply place it in your /DOOMEternal/Mods/ folder. Do not extract the zip folder into the mod folder.

3) Run EternalModInjector.bat. The mod should now work!


Removal Instructions (Windows & Steam)

1) Remove or Beefier_HC_2016 from your /DOOMEternal/Mods/ folder.

2) Run EternalModInjector.bat again.

3) The mod should now be removed!


Have fun!