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Reduces his Lock-on speed attack, and his turning speed/acceleration.

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With reducing the Tyrant's Turning speed, and his lock-on attacks become less of a threat if you keep moving. Previously, Tyrants had a very annoying lock-on attack that was barely avoidable even if you're moving.

Also, Loading screens tell you that you Tyrants are slow to turn and that's not true. They have a high turning speed that is dependent on luck since there's a minimum and a maximum value. What I did with the Lock-on.
moveTurnRate was reduced from (min 200 max 450 to 275 to 350). This creates a small variation in the turning speed unlike vanilla. These numbers are changed in the running and sprinting states. Walking state numbers are unchanged (They're too low).
His turning acceleration is also reduced from 6000 to 4300.