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Hello! this is my first ever mod. It's a simple reskin for the combat shotgun that alters it's texture to a space or nebula kind of look. it also replaces the default combat shotgun skin. I hope you enjoy!

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In order to get the mod to work. You will need to follow these steps. This is assuming you have never installed a mod before and that you are using the steam release of Doom Eternal. First you install the zip file called Nebula Shotgun, this file is the mod itself. Once that is done, you want to navigate to your Doom eternal folder. An easy way to do this is to go to your steam library and right click on doom eternal, click manage and then browse local files. Once you are here, create a new folder called Mods with a capital M, and put the recently installed zip in that file. Now things are a little more complicated but I will explain best I can. What you need to do now is go to the Doom modding discord. What you will now be looking for here is the latest release of EternalModInjector. You can either look around for it yourself or simply ask someone to send you a link to the latest version (that's what I did). Be carefull you don't accidently install the modinjector designed for the gamepass or microsoft store version of doom eternal. It will for what version its for. Once you have installed the newest file. once again put it into your doom eternal folder. Open it up and you should see a few things but all you need to worry about is the bat file that sais eternalmodinjector all lowercases, and base. Open up the base folder of EternalModInjector and put all the content from that base folder, and paste them into the base folder of your doom eternal folder. Once all that is done, go back into, take out the eternalmodinjector.bat file and place it into your doom eternal folder. now all you do is double click it and it will run the bat file and inject whatever mods you have in your mods folder into doom eternal and auto start it. Now your done. I hope you like my mod!