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Increases the viewmodel FOV of each weapon, bringing the camera back further so you can see more of the weapon.

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Increases the viewmodel FOV of each weapon by anywhere from 0.05-0.20 depending on the weapon allowing you to see more of it. Works perfect for all weapons through the whole game, except for when you first get the Super Shotgun you can see that he's missing his right arm, but it only lasts for a second then it's fine for the rest of the game. If that bothers you there's an alternate version that leaves the Super Shotgun unchanged. Fixed in version 1.01

For some reason the Slayer's right arm mesh and Doomblade are hidden for most of the weapons. I guess it's because you normally wouldn't see them anyways. As of version 1.1 the right arm mesh and Doomblade have been unhidden for the rest of the weapons as well.

Will most likely conflict with any other mod that changes the weapon values, but I can make a compatibility patch if the other author is alright with it, or they can make one themselves if they want.

Install instructions:
  1. Download the ModLoader from the DOOM 2016+ Modding Discord and extract all of it's contents into your main DOOM Eternal install directory.
  2. Once you've done that just drag n' drop this mod's zip file into the "Mods" folder without unzipping it.
  3. Run the "EternalModInjector.bat" then once it's done it will automatically start the game for you.
  4. Have fun!

For more detailed instructions on installing mods, and for the most up to date info and tools, head to the #eternal-faq channel in the DOOM 2016+ Modding Discord